Division Four’s Maccabi C pulled off a Dwyer Cup upset when they beat Shawfield A, from the league above, by six points.

Frank Sheldon dropped one point for Maccabi, who received a 22-point start. Les Suss kept it tight while Terry Shaw gained five for Shawfield but Maccabi held on for the victory.

St Philips B took advantage of their 30-point start to beat Adelphi 333-331.

Tommy Ryan (Adelphi), the only player to win his three sets, gained 27 points with Dave Scowcroft (St Philips) picking up 17.

In an all Division Four clash, Carlton Club C saw off Holmar C, who gave the visitors a 41-point start.

In the seventh set Clive Roberts (Carlton) took 15 points off Neil Cowburn (Holmar) to put Carlton ahead and, with John Bostock and Keith Cheyne each picking up 24 points, Carlton won the match by 39.

Holmar A overturned a 54-point deficit to beat BGSOB A by 31. Ian McPherson was the big points winner as he gained 40, ably supported by Phil Wardle and Dave Fletcher with 23 and 22 respectively.

Division Four’s Top Ten leader Barry Warburton won two of his sets and only dropped two points as Prestwich D, from Division Two, beat Ramsbottom D.

Alex Waring got Prestwich off to a great start, winning 44-9 against Paul Wood, to gain 60 points and Prestwich won all the remaining sets to run out winners by 26. Reserve Alistair Wakefield gained points in each of his three sets picking up 23 with Craig Bradbury gaining a further 48.

Seedfield C, giving away a 29-point advantage, defeated Shawfield B in an all Division Three match. Wayne Ellis (Shawfield) won his three sets to gain 38 points, but all the Seedfield players picked up points which proved enough for them to finish 26 points ahead.

The all Prestwich clash saw the F team, starting with an advantage of 141, hold off the C boys by 51.

Eddie Simon (C team) gained 59 on the night but contributions from three F team players saw them through.

St Philips A overcame a 299-point deficit against Division Five’s Maccabi F to win by 37. Derek Watmough and Denis Collier gained 82 and 79 points and were supported well by Gareth Palmer who picked up a further 66.

Division Two’s Polish Catholic Club fought hard to overturn Prestwich G’s 166-point start, winning every set but Prestwich, from Division Five, held out to win by 15.

Ramsbottom A kept the Division One flag flying in the Sponsors Cup by overturning a 208-point deficit against Elton Vale to run out winners by a single point.

Big gains by Andy Jackson and Mark Ramsbottom, 74 and 78 respectively, plus Graham Young’s 57, saw them home.

Seedfield A, of Division One, overturned a huge 211 handicap to beat Division Five’s Holmar E.

Big points gains of 91 and 83 by David Poytress and Peter Mears, backed up by reserve Mike Charlton’s gain of 53, enabled Seedfield to win by 16.

Ramsbottom Academy A, of Division Five, received a start of 218 against Division One’s Burning Desire.

All three Burning Desire players gathered more than 60 points but, with both Callum Stott and Nick Kroll recording two individual game wins, it was enough to see Ramsbottom emerge winners by 23.

Seedfield F, with two reserves, found it an uphill battle against fellow Division Five side Shawfield F with the latter turning a 69-point deficit to a winning margin.

Steve Greenall (Seedfield) picked up points off two of the Shawfield players but was beaten 44-29 by Peter Helm.

Prestwich A found Seedfield E’s start of 258 too big a task to overcome. Seedfield already held a winning lead when George Jones (Prestwich) took a fall which meant the last two sets were not played.

Dwyer Cup Round Two: Seedfield C 511 Shawfield B 485, BGSOB A 502 Holmar A 533, Prestwich D 493 Ramsbottom D 467, St Philips B 533 Adelphi 505, Carlton Club B 485 Wardle Cons TTC 345, Carlton Club C 521 Holmar C 482, ELPM D 567 Ramsbottom Academy B 515, Maccabi F 430 St Philips A 467, Maccabi C 504 Shawfield A 498, Prestwich F 506 Prestwich C 455, Polish Catholic Club 465 Prestwich G 480, Carlton Club A W/o Little Lever .

Sponsors Cup Round One: Elton Vale SC 435 Ramsbottom A 436, Seedfield E 467 Prestwich A 378, Seedfield F 545 Shawfield F 614, Ramsbottom Academy A 473 Burning Desire 450, Holmar E 458 Seedfield A 474, Maccabi E 355 BGSOB B 305, ELPM A 435 Holmar B 544, Prestwich E W/o Hilton YMCA.

Byes: Maccabi B, St Sebastians, Seedfield B, ELPM B, Seedfield G.