PRESTWICH A were beaten 6-4 at the hands of hosts Little Lever in the First Division although all the home players lost once to the visitors’ all-reserve team of Dave Bolton Paedar McKinstry and Andy Evans.

There was another close encounter at Seedfield A, who lost 6-4 to Ramsbottom C with no player emerging unbeaten. Rob Carter (Seedfield) and Dave Kay and Martin Wyatt for Ramsbottom each won two.

Ramsbottom A and Radcliffe CC both had resounding 9-1 wins to increase the gap at the top.

In Division Two, St Philips B kept up their recent good form with a 7-3 win against Seedfield B. Gareth Palmer won his three for St Philips with Dave Holden chipping in with two while Julian Nuttall doubled for Seedfield.

Prestwich C kept their promotion push on track with a 7-3 win at Carlton B. Eddie Simon won his three to continue leading the Top Ten rankings for the division. McKinstry (Prestwich) and Mark Reading (Carlton) each won two.

Prestwich B closed the gap on their C team to go level at the top with a 9-1 win at Maccabi A. Maccabi’s sole win came when former Prestwich player Alan Meltzer beat reserve Steve Hathaway in the fifth game.

In the all-Prestwich match, the D team beat the E team 6-4. Steve Hathaway (D team) beat Barrie Fleet 11-8 in the fifth to complete three victories. Keith Butler (E team) beat Craig Bradbury to record two wins while Craig also picked up two.

In a close match in which four matches went to five games and five matches went to four, Third Division Seedfield C emerged 6-4 winners against Shawfield B.

Alan Carse was unbeaten for Seedfield, with his three including a win at 13-11 in the fifth against Top Ten leader Wayne Ellis.

Dave Stubbington won two for Shawfield, but a doubles win for Seedfield at 11-9 in the fifth proved decisive.

Elton Vale SC convincingly returned to winning ways with a 9-1 win against Seedfield D.

Dave Hall and Rodney Hall each won three for Elton Vale with Paul Cooper beating Keith Mills at 11-7 in the fifth to record Seedfield’s sole win.

St Sebastians fought out a tight draw with ELPM C. Gillian Marsden (ELPM) recorded three wins with Dave Hargreaves and Mark Stevens each winning two for St Sebastians.

Results Division One: Seedfield A 4 Ramsbottom C 6, Ramsbottom A 9 St Philips A 1, Little Lever 6 Prestwich A 4, Adelphi 1 Radcliffe CC 9.

Division Two: Maccabi A 1 Prestwich B 9, Prestwich E 4 Prestwich D 6, Carlton Club B 3 Prestwich C 7, St Philips B 7 Seedfield B 3.

Division Three: Seedfield C 6 Shawfield B 4, Elton Vale SC 9 Seedfield D 1, St Sebastians 5 ELPM C 5.

Division Four: Seedfield E 0 Shawfield D 10, Shawfield C 6 BGSOB A 4, Prestwich F 3 Carlton Club C 7, Maccabi D 7 Holmar C 3, Holmar B 3 Maccabi C 7.

Division Five: Holmar D 1 Ramsbottom TTA A 9, Ramsbottom TTA B 0 Maccabi F 10, Seedfield G 0 Shawfield G 9, ELPM D 7 Holmar E 3, Shawfield F 5 Wardle 5, Prestwich G 4 Maccabi E 6, BGSOB B 4 Seedfield F 6.