DIVISIONS one to four took a break from league action to start their divisional cup campaigns.

In the Macdonald Cup for the top Division teams, Carlton Club A made the most of their 16 point handicap advantage against Ramsbottom C to run out winners by 41 points.

The Division Two Poytress Cup threw up a fascinating result as Seedfield B and Carlton Club B drew at 557 each taking the tie to a replay.

Prestwich E knocked out the holders of the cup from last year – Polish Catholic Club.

The holders, conceding a 42-point deficit, slowly clawed their disadvantage back to 22 with two sets to go.

Barrie Fleet for Prestwich only lost by four points to Eddie Kalinowski which narrowed the deficit to 18.

Ken Crimes for Prestwich and Mick Hill played the last set of the night and the Prestwich player conceded nine points to Hill and the Prestwich team were through to the next round with 527 points to the holders 518. Prestwich C team were less fortunate against Maccabi A after starting 76 points in arrears and Maccabi ran out winners with 492 points to 450 for Prestwich.

In Division Three’s Pressman Cup first round match between Seedfield C and their D team, the home team were too strong and brought back a deficit of 58 points by the time the doubles were played. In fact they went nine points ahead and won by 23 points; 511 v 488.

In the Hilton Cup for Division Four, Bury Grammar School Old Boys A took on Seedfield E giving away a 52-point start.

With the last three sets to play the home team had drawn three points ahead and finished 583 to Seedfield’s 563.

With 103 points to make up, visitors Prestwich F had a steep hill to climb to beat Shawfield E.

As the sets progressed the Prestwich players were chipping away at the lead and with two sets to go they were 16 points behind.

A strong four games from Alistair Wakefield against Eric Holmes put them in the lead by four points with the last four games to play. Whether the players knew the scores or not it must have been a nail-biting finish when Rod Hughes held off Lauren Brassington with Prestwich winning 530-529.