HOLMAR A started the Dwyer Cup match with a 27-point advantage and held on to a slim five point winning margin against Elton Vale TT Club.

At half way, the advantage for Holmar had gone and Elton took a one-point lead. In a see-saw match it was left to Graham Daniels to catch up 20 points to beat Phil Wardle. He could not quite do this and Holmar went through to the semi-finals by 427-422.

They will face Maccabi D after they beat Seedfield C 575-435, who could not make headway into the 103-points advantage.

Prestwich F started their match against Carlton Club C nine points behind and came through to win 464-448.

Alistair Wakefield for Prestwich made up considerable ground to beat Clive Roberts 44-14. Rod Hughes kept the lead and narrowly beat Keith Cheyne 41-39.

Maccabi C meet Prestwich F in the other semi-final after they narrowly beat St Philips B 466-454 – the 151-point deficit too great to make up.

In the Sponsors Cup, Second Division Prestwich E played Fourth Ddivision Holmar B and had to concede 175 points. Ken Crimes won the last game 11-5 for a on- point victory to Prestwich E. They now play Maccabi B who had a walk over with St Sebastians.

Division One Ramsbottom Town A had 263 points to catch up when they played Seedfield A which proved too great by 506-417.

In the Macdonald Cup saw a repeat of last year’s final between Radcliffe Cricket Club who beat Little Lever for the title.

Little Lever got their revenge this time around when they beat Radcliffe 446 -420.

Carlton Club A beat Adelphi by a comfortable 78 points despite starting the match 56 points behind and will now face Little Lever.

Seedfield A started 38 points ahead of the opponents St Philips A. They clawed back some of the lead but eventually lost by 31 points to put Seedfield through to the semi-final against Ramsbottom Town A who had a walk over with Prestwich A.

In the Poytress Cup, Prestwich D played their E team and had a start of 22 which increased to 32 after three matches. This was the highest their lead got. With one match to play, Alex Waring for the D team took 15 off the first two games with Ken Crimes taking the third by three leaving the match tied with the final game to play. Crimes held his nerve to win 11-3 and the match by 518-510.

ELPM A started a mere six points ahead of St Philips B and did not hold the lead after the first set was played and St Philips won seven of the ten sets to put them through to the semi-finals where they play Prestwich E.

Stand have made up for their struggling performance in Division Two this season with a semi-final spot. They finished on 529 points against Maccabi A’s 518.

In the Pressman Cup, Seedfield C played Elton Vale TT Club at home and started 20 points ahead of their rivals and current divisional leaders. With one set to go the match was exactly level and it was left to Mike Charlton to play Graham Daniels. He finished six points ahead to put Seedfield into the semi-final.

Holmar A featured in their second quarter-final of the week and on this occasion came out on the losing side when Shawfield B beat them 503-487.

Elton Vale Sports Club was never in trouble against Maccabi B and ran out 574-477 winners and now face.

In the Hilton Cup Carlton Club played Shawfield D at home and started 60 points adrift.

Keith Cheyne finished five points ahead of Barry Collier to end a nail-biting match and put Carlton into the semi-final.

Bury Grammar School Old Boys A had a 29 point start at home to Holmar C and managed to keep nine points ahead by the end of the match to finish on 505-496.

There is no Divisional Cup for Division Five and in the league Seedfield G lost 10-0 at home to their F team though Graham Wright, for the G team, narrowly missed their only win of the night losing at eight in the fifth to Jamie Howarth.