SEEDFIELD A need a late surge if they are to avoid relegation from Division One.

They lost 8-2 at home to second-placed Radcliffe Cricket Club. Jim Chadwick and Mick Dore each won three for Radcliffe.

Little Lever lost to Ramsbottom A 7-3 but did manage to inflict a first defeat of the season on Andy Jackson. Mick Moir also lost a set, only his second of the season.

Phil Riley, Ronnie Durose and Steve McNicholas each won one for Little Lever. Andy Jackson, Mick Moir and Graham Young each won two for the visitors plus the doubles.

BAE were too good for Burning Desire who lost 9-1. Only Steve Barber could get on the card for the home side when he beat Tony Bates. Tony Smith and Tom Lang were unbeaten.

Martin Wyatt led the way for Ramsbottom C in a 6-4 win when he was unbeaten against St Philips A.

Andy McCheyne and John Dawes were on top form for ELPM A with three wins in an 8-2 victory over St Philips in Division Two.

Maccabi A beat Carlton Club B 6-4 with Stuart Landes winning three for the visitors. Mark Reading won two for the home team.

Prestwich C proved too strong for their D team, winning 9-1 with Eddie Simon and Peadar McKinstry unbeaten to keep them well in contention for one of the promotion spots.

In Division Three, Seedfield C lost 7-3 to their D team with Alan Telfer and Frank Carse both trebling for the winners.

St Sebastians lost 7-3 at home to Shawfield A and need to slip further into relegation trouble. Phil Herd was on top form for the visitors with three wins.

Elton Vale Sports Club beat Hilton YMCA 7-3 at home with David Hall winning three for the home side. Alan Bradshaw won two for the visitors, though he narrowly lost at 11 in the fifth against Keith Mills.

ELPM B drew at home to Maccabi B, Mark Willmore winning three for the home side.

ELPM C lost 9-1 at home to Holmar A. Only the doubles went the way of the home team which they won in three straight games. Phil Wardle, Ian McPherson and Dave Fletcher each won their three for Holmar.

Shawfield B lost 9-1 at home to leaders Elton Vale. Dave Stubbington of Shawfield had their only win on the night. Graham Daniels won his three for Elton to maintain his clear lead at the top of the averages.

In Division Five, Seedfield E look doomed to relegation after an 8-2 defeat to Holmar C. Reserve Adam Simpson was the only player for the home team to get on the score card with two wins. Jack Berry won his three for Holmars.

Holmar B drew at home with Shawfield C. Martin Archer was in fine form with three wins for Holmar. Peter Gregory and Andrew Webster each won two for Shawfield.

Maccabi D narrowly beat Shawfield E 6-4 at home when they just won the doubles at seven in the fifth to clinch the win.

Sheldon Lee was on top form for the home team with three wins.

Warburton and Andy Evans each won three for Bury Grammar School Old Boys A in their 9-1 victory at Shawfield D.

Leaders Maccabi C lost 7-3 to Carlton Club C who are now in third place but just one point away from a promotion place.

Ramsbottom Town D drew at home to Prestwich F and Joe Walk led the way for the home team with three fine wins.

Results Division One: Prestwich A 3 Carlton Club A 7, Ramsbottom C 6 St Philips A 4, Seedfield A 2 Radcliffe CC 8, Little Lever 3 Ramsbottom A 7, Burning Desire 1 BAE 9.

Division Two: St Philips B 2 ELPM A 8, Prestwich C 9 Prestwich D 1, Polish Cath Club 4 Prestwich B 6, Carlton Club B 4 Maccabi A 6, Stand CC 3 Prestwich E 7.

Division Three: Elton Vale SC 7 Hilton YMCA 3, ELPM C 1 Holmar A 9, Shawfield B 1 Elton Vale TTC 9, Seedfield C 3 Seedfield D 7, St Sebastians 3 Shawfield A 7, ELPM B 5 Maccabi B 5.

Division Four: Maccabi D 6 Shawfield E 4, Maccabi C 3 Carlton Club C 7, Shawfield D 1 BGSOB A 9, Seedfield E 2 Holmar C 8, Holmar B 5 Shawfield C 5, Ramsbottom D 5 Prestwich F 5.

Division Five: Holmar D 7 Ramsbottom TTA B 3, Ramsbottom TTA A 5 Seedfield F 5, Maccabi E 7 Maccabi F 3, Wardle 8 Shawfield G 2, Shawfield F 4 ELPM D 6, Prestwich G 8 Seedfield G 2, BGSOB B 9 Holmar E 1.