SEEDFIELD A lost 8-2 to Carlton Club A and it was David Poytress who won the solitary set for the home team when he beat John Bradbury at three in the fourth in the First Division.

Seedfield also won the doubles at six in the fourth. Ian Quinn and Gary Newton were unbeaten for Carlton.

Little Lever beat St Philips A 7-3 at home and Ronnie Durose and Phil Riley were the unbeaten players for the home team.

Second-placed Radcliffe was held to a draw away at Burning Desire. Champion Graham Jeffries was unbeaten for the visitors with Rob Hall and Mick Dore each adding one. Ben Armstrong and Steve Barber each won two for the home team.

In Division Two Prestwich E, with two reserves, beat an under-strength Maccabi A 10-0. Barrie Fleet, Andy Battersby and Alistair Wakefield were the unbeaten players on the night.

Polish Catholic Club beat ELPM A 9-1 at home. Mick Hill, Ian Byrne and Eddie Kalinowski were unbeaten for the home team which just left the doubles which the visitors took.

Carlton Club B lost 6-4 at home to Prestwich B though it was Mark Reading for the home team who was unbeaten. Only John Foster could add to the home team’s score with one win.

St Philips B lost 7-3 to Prestwich C. The early stages of the matchwere close at 2-2 but the visitors reeled off the next five sets before Gareth Palmer had a fine win at nine in the fourth over top of the averages Eddie Simon.

Seedfield C drew at home with Holmar A in Division Three.

Frank Carse won his three for the home team including a win at 13 in the fifth against Phil Wardle. Frank also took the set against David Fletcher at seven in the fifth and his opening set of the night at five in the fifth against Ian McPherson. Mike Charlton added two for Seedfield. Phil Wardle won two for the visitors with Ian McPherson and David Fletcher adding one each and they won the doubles.

St Sebastian’s lost 8-2 at home to Elton Vale TTC but the surprise of the night was Graham Daniels’ loss to Mark Stevens, only his fifth of the season. Dave Stevens won the two sets for the home team. Mark Craven won his three for the visitors, Graham Daniels and Mike Nicholls each won two and they won the doubles.

ELPM B crushed Seedfield D 9-1 at home and it was Alan Telfer for the visitors that saved the whitewash when he beat Steve Greaves. Mark Willmore and Paul Carter were unbeaten on the night and they added the doubles.

Seedfield E lost 9-1 in Division Four and Jonathan Fitton took the sole set from Carlton Club C off Clive Roberts at eight in the fourth.

John Bostock and Keith Cheyne were unbeaten for the visitors. Prestwich F beat Shawfield C 7-3 with Paul Rourke unbeaten.