Carlton Club A drew at home to Little Lever in Division One with Ronnie Durose unbeaten on the night for the visitors.

Phil Riley added two. Ian Quinn won two for Carlton, Phil Myers and Gary Newton one each and they won the doubles.

Prestwich A beat Ramsbottom C 7-3 at home as David Pegg led the way with three wins.

Radcliffe Cricket Club beat BAE 8-2 and in his only outing this season Phil Biggs won a treble.

St Philips A lost 7-3 to Burning Desire and it was Steve Barber for the visitors who was unbeaten.

In Division Two Seedfield Methodists B drew at home to Prestwich E, after they lost the first four sets.

Prestwich C just beat Polish Catholic Club 6-4 at home. Eddie Simon and Peadar McKinstry each won two for the home side, Joe Redikin one and they added the all-important doubles at six in the fifth.

Prestwich D beat Carlton Club B 7-3 at home and Barrie Fleet led the way for the home team with three wins.

Seedfield Methodists D drew at home to Maccabi B in Division Three.

They held a 5-3 lead going into the last two sets which were eventually won by Maccabi.

Alan Telfer and Frank Carse each won two for the home side and Ali McKernan won one. Neil Fineberg was unbeaten on the night including the last- set tussle with Ali McKernan which he eventually won at 12 in the fourth to get the draw.

Elton Vale TT Club lost 6-4 at home and to ELPM B Graham Daniels unusually only won one for the home side but still leads the averages.

ELPM C drew at home to Shawfield B but it was Wayne Ellis for the visitors who were unbeaten.

Bury Grammar A lost 7-3 at home to Ramsbottom Town D in Division Four with Martin Ormsby unbeaten for the visitors.