ROB Hall and Graham Jeffries both won three as Radcliffe CC beat Burning Desire 8-2 to keep the pressure on Division One leaders Ramsbottom.

Carlton Club A lost 6-4 at home to Prestwich B. Andy Evans was unbeaten for the visitors, Dave Bolton added two and they won the doubles.

Ian Quinn won two for Carlton to keep his challenge going for top of the averages, while Phil Myers and Kevin Chapman each added one.

St Philips lost by the same scoreline at home to Prestwich A. Dennis Collier won two for the home side, Dave Smith one and they won the doubles.

Dave Cheetham was unbeaten for Prestwich, Colin Boardman added two and Paul King one.

David Poytress and Peter Mears were unbeaten in Division Two leaders Seedfield A’s 9-1 defeat of Holmar A in which Phil Wardle won the only set for the home team.

Despite Eddie Kalinowski being unbeaten, Polish Catholic Club went down to a 7-3 defeat at ELPM A.

John Dawes, Paul Carter and Ian Cockcroft each won two for the home side.

Prestwich E beat Carlton Vale 7-3 but it was the losers’ Chris Sutcliffe who was the only unbeaten player on the night.

His team-mates went close to adding to the tally. In the opening set Prestwich’s Alex Waring just got the better of Steve Morris at six in the fifth. Barrie Fleet just beat Dave Jackson at nine in the fifth, and Prestwich also took the doubles at two in the fifth.

Waring, Fleet and Ken Crimes each won two for Prestwich.

There was nothing to choose between Carlton Club B and Prestwich D. Jim Bloomfield and Mark Reading each won two and John Foster one for Carlton while, for the visitors, Steve Hathaway won two, Keith Butler and Joe Redikin one each and they won the doubles.

Stuart Landes was unbeaten for Maccabi A in their 8-2 defeat to SP Carlton.

Dean Clyne and Alan Meltzer each added two and they won the doubles, while, for the losers, Tommy Ryan won two.

In Division Three, Carlton Club C lost 6-4 at home to ELPM B, a reversal of their result in the first half of the season.

Carol Mitchell and Gerry Faulkner each won two for the visitors, Steve Greaves one and they won the all-important doubles to clinch the victory.

Father and son, Rodney and David Hall, each won three for Elton, and Keith Mills two, in Elton Vale Sports Club B’s 8-2 victory over Seedfield B.

Alan Telfer beat Mills at 12 in the fourth set in the opening match of the night, and Seedfield won the doubles.

Ramsbottom Town B lost 7-3 at home to Hilton YMCA when only Martin Ormsby managed to get on the score card for Ramsbottom with two wins.

Bob Bent was unbeaten for Hilton.

In Division Four, Maccabi F drew with their E team which was a dramatic turnaround from their 9-1 rout in the first match of the season.

Yoni Morrison won two for the F team, with Alan and Jack Nesbitt each winning one and they won the doubles. Edward Freeman and Peter Canter each won two for the E team and Stuart Simpson one.

Leaders Prestwich F dominated bottom club Shawfield D with a comprehensive 9-1 win despite the absence of Alistair Wakefield.

Shawfield C overwhelmed junior team, Ramsbottom TT Academy 8-2, with Ashley Ingham and Peter Gregory each winning three for Shawfield.

In Division Five, leaders Shawfield E beat Maccabi G 8-2 at home. James Collier was unbeaten to keep his joint lead at the top of the averages with David Bell of Holmar D.

Peter Helmn and Lauren Brassington each added two and they won the doubles. Sam Ballin and Ashley Landes each won one for Maccabi.

Seedfield Methodists D lost 8-2 at home to Holmar D. Alan Fletcher and Gary Bolton won two and divisional leader David Bell was unbeaten.

Wardle Conservative Club beat Holmar E 7-3 at home with David Watts and Jack Gratton unbeaten for Wardle.

Jason Wild and Scott Fleming trebled in Shawfield F’s 9-1 win against the junior team of Ramsbottom TT Academy.

ELPM D pipped junior team Shawfield G 6-4 when Lawrence Paynter clinched the victory with the last set of the night at nine in the fourth against Sam Burgoyne after earlier shading his games against Josh Fallows at 12 in the fifth.

Results Division One: Burning Desire 2 Radcliffe CC 8, St Philip's 4 Prestwich A 6, Carlton Club A 4 Prestwich B 6.

Division Two: Holmar A 1 Seedfield A 9, Maccabi A 8 SP Carlton 2, Carlton Club B 5 Prestwich D 5, Prestwich E 7 Carlton Vale 3, ELPM A 7 Polish Catholic Club 3.

Division Three: Carlton Club C 4 ELPM B 6, Ramsbottom Town B 3 Hilton YMCA 7, Seedfield B 2 Elton Vale Sports B 8.

Division Four: Holmar B 5 BGSOB A 5, Shawfield C 8 Ramsbottom TTA A 2, Prestwich F 9 Shawfield D 1, Maccabi F 5 Maccabi E 5, Maccabi D 7 Holmar C 3.

Division Five: BGSOB B 8 Seedfield E 2, Wardle Cons Club 7 Holmar E 3, Shawfield E 8 Maccabi G 2, Ramsbottom TTA B 1 Shawfield F 9, ELPM D 6 Shawfield G 4, Seedfield D 2 Holmar D 8.