A GOOD core of the town turned up to a third annual apple day in Nuttall Park on Sunday.

Visitors of all ages attended the event, run by Incredible Edible, which raised £313 to go towards restoring plots and orchards in the area.

Activities included apple bobbing, apple pressing, a competition to see who could create the longest apple peel, cakes, crafts and stalls.

Incredible Edible was set up in February, 2010, to encourage people to grow healthy, self-sufficient produce.

Simon Ladds, a group spokesman, said: “We wanted to make people aware that growing your own food is a good thing to do and can make a big difference.

“The biggest thing is the community spirit and working together, and that’s always what we get from people when they come to these events.”

Incredible Edible has several plots in the borough, such as the Holly Mount orchard in Greenmount. The group also works with Hazelhurst Community Primary School, in Geoffrey Street, helping the children grow their own plots.

Mr Ladds said: “The kids have great fun when we’re working with them and it makes a difference to how they perceive the food.

“It’s important to educate younger generations and show them that there are healthy alternatives out there.

“Whenever they’ve done one of our events, they’ve always said how much they’ve loved it.”

Incredible Edible plans to hold a ceilidh event in November.

For more information on the group and events visit incredibleedible ramsbottom.co.uk.