The Who’s Roger Daltrey has reassured fans after revealing he will have a throat operation on Friday.

The singer first shared the news as he unveiled the first stone on the Music Walk Of Fame in London, with bandmate Pete Townshend.

Daltrey, who has previously been treated for a pre-cancerous condition on his throat, told the crowd: “I can’t do much talking, I’m off for a voice op on Friday, but just to say it’s great.

Music Walk of Fame
The Who’s Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey during the Music Walk of Fame ceremony (Ian West/PA)

“It’s a shame it’s not in the Goldhawk Road, but it’s great that it’s in Camden, because Camden’s roots with the music business go way back.”

He has since reassured fans that all is well, saying in a statement: “It’s a check-up on my vocal cords that I have yearly since I had some cells removed in 2009.”

Daltrey also battled viral meningitis in 2015 while the band was on the road, forcing them to postpone all 50 dates of their North American tour.

At the Walk Of Fame ceremony Townshend also joked the stone should be in west London, where the band are from, saying: “This isn’t really our neighbourhood, this should be going down in Goldhawk Road, but those f****** have got no money.

“This is great, I think this will be great for Camden, it will be great for London, it will be great for the neighbourhood and it will be great for our business.

“One of the biggest exports that we have in the UK for people of my age, who have grown up with music, is the fact that we are artistically very talented.

“We have all contributed, we are all still contributing and we will go on to do so, and this will be something that I think really is a measure of what we all do in this country, and my tax bill this year will hopefully go to fix the f****** roads.”