GAS supplies have been restored to hundreds of homes across Unsworth.
A water leak cut off gas supplies to 385 properties in 18 streets on Thursday morning, leaving residents sitting in the cold.

A total of 19 properties remained without gas on Sunday evening, a National Grid spokesman said.

He said the company hoped to have those restored by the end of the evening and there were a further eight homes that engineers could not gain access to as the occupants were away.
National Grid engineers had previously managed to gain access to all the properties to turn off the gas supply.
They secured a warrant from a court to allow them to go into three houses where no-one was present.
The spokesman said: "We are now pumping water out of the gas mains and we have engineers standing by.

"From about tea-time onwards, we will be able to start calling to all the homes again to get people reconnected.
“It would be brilliant if people were at home for our engineers because it means we can get everybody back on gas quickly.”
The problems were caused by water from a leaking pipe entering the gas network yesterday morning.
National Grid received the first report of loss of gas supply at 8.18am.
United Utilities repaired the leak at 11.50am, but water had got in the pipes and stopped gas getting through.
Helen Wilson, of United Utilities, said: "Our engineers managed to repair the water main within two hours when it was reported to us and we're now investigating with National Grid what had caused the pipe to leak."
National Grid and Bury Council have been working together to support the most vulnerable people affected.
A customer centre has been set up at Unsworth And Sunnybank Community Centre, in Sunnybank Road, and hot plates and fan heaters have been provided for vulnerable residents.
A council spokesman said: “We have been working closely with National Grid to help them in whatever way we can to restore the gas supply to the area and give help to residents who need it.
"We have opened up Unsworth and Sunnybank Community Centre for National Grid to use as a headquarters, and shared with them details of residents who may be vulnerable so that they can be given priority assistance.
"So far the operation has gone extremely well and is a good example of agencies working together, and we all hope the situation can return to normal as soon as possible."
Streets affected by the loss of gas are: Parr Lane, Cunningham Drive, Swinton Crescent, Dempsey Drive, Gort Close, Wavell Drive, Alexander Drive, Montgomery Drive, Parr Fold, Victoria Mews, off Blackley Close, Simister Drive, Thurston Close, Chadderton Drive, Monsall Close, Blackley Close and Randale Drive.