A further £6.4 million is to be cut from frontline policing in Greater Manchester, according to Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd.

Mr Lloyd says this money will go towards funding Government “pet projects”, which could otherwise pay for 145 police officers or 210 police community support officers.

The so-called “pet projects” include a direct entry scheme, which allows people to join the police at a senior rank without having to walk the beat, funding the Independent Police Complaints Commission, and £110,000 going to the City of London police — the force which protects the banking industry.

Mr Lloyd said: “Be in no doubt, this is money that is being taken directly from frontline policing here in Greater Manchester.

“It is funding that the Chief Constable could and should be using to keep the people I represent safe.

“Instead it is being used to fund pet projects that will be of little or no benefit to the people of Greater Manchester.

“The idea that the banking sector is to get extra protection at the expense of Greater Manchester residents is extraordinary.”

He added: “Forcing Greater Manchester Police to pay for a scheme to allow people to enter the police service at senior ranks, when I will not be introducing this unpopular and patronising measure, is just wrong.”