AN online petition to ease traffic congestion in Radcliffe has been submitted to Bury Council.

It calls for a right turn filter to be installed at the traffic lights at Blackburn Street at its junction with Spring Lane.

The petition organiser Craig Rayner says a filter would stop a build-up of traffic waiting to turn right into Spring Lane.

Craig, aged 33, of Blenmar Close, Radcliffe, is a reporting and data team leader at Manchester University.

He said: “I use that junction a lot and the only way you can turn through those lights when turning right is to go through on red. It is dangerous. There are usually around four or five cars there and it creates a lot of traffic.

“With a right turn filter light the cars wouldn’t clog up and people might stop ‘rat running’ through Radcliffe town centre to get to Bury Road.

“It is a horrendous junction – awful for people crossing – and if councillors could just review the situation it would make a massive difference.”

Craig’s petition, which went live on Tuesday, gained more than 100 signatures in 24 hours and so far has 210 supporters. 

For details or to sign the petition go to the ePetitions page on the Bury Council website or click here