AN investigation has been launched into the cause of a fire at a Bury pub.

Firefighters were called to the Cotton Tree Pub, Moorgate, just before 8am this morning after smoke and flames were seen coming from the roof.

Crews from Bury and Whitefield tackled the fire and an aerial platform was also needed.

The fire broke out in the loft area at the back of the pub.

Station manager Geoff Thornley said: "Crews did a really good job and contained the fire which limited the damage and stopped it from spreading further.

"They stripped the roof to ensure the fire was out and that there were no embers left."

The cause of the fire is now being investigated but it is believed to have started accidentally.

Pub group manager Martyn Ward praised the firefighters' work.

He said: "The crews not only stopped the fire from spreading but did what they could to limit the damage and because of this it is likely the pub will be open for business quickly.

"The crews quickly got into the loft to bring it under control.

"The water tank in the loft burst and they put up barriers to stop the water going into the main pub and once the fire was put out they put sheeting up to help the pub clean up."