RESIDENTS are calling for action after claiming a former “angelic” area of Ramsbottom has been left as a building site.

People living in Dundee Lane say the area is no longer a sought-after place to live, after a home has been left half-finished since owner Mark Bedward encountered financial difficulties.

They have appealed to Bury Council for help, but officers say there is not much they can do.

Residents complained to the ombudsman, who agreed that something should be done, but also said there was limited action the council could take.

Mr Bedward, who lives at another property in Dundee Lane, and ran the former Bury-based Global Telecoms and is the Founder & CEO at Technology Business Consultancy Group, says building stopped after he was left out of pocket due to the “rate swap” scandal and the mis-selling of interest rates by banks to business.

He says he is pursuing compensation claims against the banks, in order to gain the finances needed to complete the house.

Neighbour Judith Marshall, aged 50, said: “Our once delightful view is now steel railings and a building site, our lifestyle has been diminished and the area which was once quaint has been devalued.

“The properties that have been affected by this building have also been devalued and it is no longer a sought-after area to live.”

Judith Booth, the daughter of an elderly resident in Dundee Lane, who did not wish to be named, added: “It affects the price of properties around there, who wants to look at that? It is an absolute disgrace.”

Planning permission to demolish the previous property and build a new home on the site was granted in 2005. However work stopped in 2008.

Mr Bedward says as a resident of the area he is committed to completing the build, and is happy to talk to concerned neighbours.

Mr Bedward said: “I have been standing up to the banks for many years, awaiting compensation from the very banks that have prevented me from completing the refurbishment in Dundee Lane.

“I generally have a great relationship with the neighbours, that’s where me and my family live — that’s where we contribute to the community, pay our council tax and live our lives.

"I have had offers and could have sold the site to organisations that would have been unsatisfactory to the neighbours, but I care for my friends and neighbours and I don’t want to put any personal gain ahead of what I believe.”

A council spokesman said it has “limited scope” to requiring the unfinished project to be removed or completed.

He said: “The controls open to the council to deal with ‘stalled’ development sites are restricted and whilst it is regrettable that this situation exists, there is no action the council can take to get a resolution of the problem. The council will keep it under review.”