IT’S all change for services at Bury Interchange next week when the bus station’s new exit opens on to Angouleme Way.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), which owns and manages the interchange, has built the new exit to speed up journey times and ease congestion at the station used by more than 1,000 buses every day.

From Sunday, most services at the interchange will be re-allocated to new stands, allowing buses that run along Angouleme Way towards The Rock shopping centre to make a quicker exit.

The new exit, which complements the one on to Haymarket Street, is just one of a range of projects across Greater Manchester being undertaken through the Department for Transport’s Better Bus Area Fund Programme, aimed at increasing bus use in busy urban areas.

Howard Hartley, TfGM’s head of bus, said: “Bury is a key regional centre and has one of the busiest bus stations in Greater Manchester.

“This new exit will allow us to manage bus services on the station much more efficiently, cutting down journey times and improving service reliability for passengers.

“We’ll have plenty of information at the bus station and staff on hand from this Sunday to make sure passengers know which stand to catch their bus from.”

Bury Interchange is one of 22 bus stations in Greater Manchester owned and managed by TfGM, and also includes a Metrolink stop for services into the city centre and outlying towns.

Greater Manchester was awarded a £5 million grant from the Department for Transport’s Better Bus Area Fund (BBAF) in 2012.

  • Details of which buses will use which stands will be available at the interchange and online at