A MAN who bombarded his former boss with offensive mail as part of a long-running vendetta has been jailed for 16 weeks.

Daniel Noon, aged 38, of St Edmund Hall Close, Ramsbottom, sent funeral plans and paternity testing kits to mother-of-three Julie Moran.

She said she had no idea he was the culprit until she turned detective to snare him.

Noon even invited Jehovah’s Witnesses to hold a Bible study meeting at her Walmersley Road house and delivered a skip there.

Now, at the end of her bizarre ordeal, Mrs Moran said she can finally move on with her life.

“At times it terrified me. I would come home and hurry the children in and lock the door, but I’m just glad it’s all over,” she added, after finally coming face to face with Noon at Bury Magistrates Court on Thursday.

Noon, who was given a community order and a £4,650 fine in 2012 for scratching nine cars in Ramsbottom, had started working as a driver for Mrs Moran’s firm ISM Waste in 2003 and was sacked a year later after admitting his alcohol problems left him unfit to drive.

In 2009, Mrs Moran began to receive offensive mail, such as funeral plans with her name on.

Her parents, John and Winifred Allen, now aged 74 and 75, own ISM and received similar items.

Mrs Moran said: “When the DNA testing kit arrived, I was devastated. He obviously sent it to try to split me and my husband Jason up, but we’ve been married for 25 years and are stronger than that.”

Offensive mail would arrive regularly, but then suddenly stopped in 2010 before beginning again last year.

It later emerged Noon was working as a bus driver during that period and restarted his campaign of harassment against the Morans when he left that job.

He would go online, create email addresses in Mrs Moran’s name and ask companies to send material to her home.

From last November until March this year, Noon sent hundreds of items, including cosmetic surgery invitations, SIM cards and driving lesson leaflets.

Mrs Moran said: “It became really frightening. A skip came to my door and a charity wrote to me saying ‘thanks for volunteering’.

“It was only luck that we were out of the house when the Jehovah’s Witnesses turned up for their Bible class.

“It carried on over Christmas and we were constantly on edge. It really affected the family.”

In January, Mrs Moran called the police and she spent hours sifting through the sackfuls of mail and contacting dozens of companies to track down the culprit.

She was able to provide Bury police with enough information to arrest Noon in March and he admitted six harassment charges in court.

Mrs Moran added: “The mail stopped as soon as he was arrested.

“I was so shocked when I found out it was him. He must have spent hours and hours each day online just to spite us.

“It took me a long time to even think of why he would do it.

“He blames the company for him losing his driving licence, though we had nothing to do with that.

“I would like to thank Detective Sergeant Stuart Barker for taking the matter seriously and to encourage anyone going through a similar thing to have the confidence to come forward.”

• IN an early version of this story we incorrectly stated that Noon had been fined for scratching more than 100 cars in Ramsbottom in 2012. In fact, Noon had been investigated by police after 100 complaints of car damage, but there was evidence to convict in only nine cases.