NOTHING says ‘spring is here’ like inflatable dinosaurs taking part in some English folk dancing.

Well, maybe not, but Ramsbottom’s mysterious prehistoric feature is back, and sparking some discussion in the community

At Christmas last year, the blow-up dinos, at the bottom of Bridge Street, were mocked up by a clandestine artist as Santa Claus’ loyal reindeer. Later, there was controversy when one of the creatures appeared to have been vandalised and dumped in the River Irwell.

Now, four of them appear to be taking part in Maypole dancing.

They have quite a following on social media, but are dividing opinion.

On Facebook, Lisa Jon said: “Loved seeing them the other day. Hats off to whoever does this, they are amazing.”

But Karen King said: “Is there a point to blow-up dinosaurs, if so what is it I’m missing?”