I SEEM to recollect that we in the North West voted unanimously in referendum in 2011 against charges for driving into towns and also in having a mayor.

What have we now got Labour councils enforcing both on to us the voting public?

Andy Burnham, the new mayor, won by 63 per cent, but this figure is not a substantial win if you consider only 29 per cent of the electorate voted.

Most abstained because our referendum vote as been ignored.

Why don’t these people listen?

Instead of just thinking of easy money to prop up failing councils, try budgeting correctly and spend our taxes wisely.

First off should be to get our crumbling roads in order.

Councils have been given millions to do this and still don’t.

Central Government isn’t blameless — it should ring fence each parcel of money so that it is used for the purpose given and not squandered.

Eileen Slingsby

Countess Lane