AS a founding member of Seedfield Tennants and Residents Association and a retired minister involved for many years in pastoral care where I live, I feel duty bound to highlight some of the many concerns that my neighbours express to me when we meet up.

The number one issue is that of the imminent closure of Moorside Community Centre and Library in Parkinson Street.

Many of my elderly neighbours have commented in various ways, including:

• “We feel fearful of becoming isolated.”

• “The majority of us will be unable to travel to the central library on public transport.

• “We will likely lose our ‘community spirit of togetherness’.”

• “We need to be able to meet collectively and share with our neighbours as we have done over the past years using the library facilities.”

• Many ask: “Who will do something to prevent the closure of our Moorside Community Centre & Library?”

Therefore I ask you: who will help us?

Our TRA has come up with alternatives to closing the facility, but no one in the council seems to be taking their proposals seriously.

Please consider these alternatives and help us, the elderly of Moorside, from becoming isolated and cut-off from the wider world.

We would be very grateful for any help.

(Reverend) J Cecil Young

Parkinson Street