TWO pals let their fists do the talking – in fundraising boxing matches for their sick friend.

Lee Geddis and Darren Fitzsimmons took part in a white collar boxing night at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester and successfully raised almost £2,000.

The money has gone to help their friend Ian Hutchinson, who is currently battling cancer and undergoing radiotherapy treatment. Mr Hutchinson is off work at the moment due to his illness and his friends wanted to do something to help him out.

Mr Geddis, who has been boxing for 12 months, said: “It was nice to be able to do something for Ian as we all grew up together. Ian said he is ‘humbled’ and he’s speechless at the number of people who have raised money for him.”

Mr Geddis of Greywood Avenue, Bury, said his fight for the Red Star cruiserweight belt was made all the more significant because it took place on his son, Jacob’s fourth birthday. Mr Geddis said: “It was a really good night.”

Mr Geddis and Mr Fitzsimmons won their matches in front of around 100 friends and family, who had made the trip to the venue in Trafford Wharf Road. Their fights were just two of 15 held on the night at the white collar boxing event.