NEIGHBOURS of a waste recycling firm say vibrations from the company’s machinery is making them feel sick in their own home.

Wheeldon Brothers Waste Ltd increased its capacity two months ago which caused one of its screen decks to shake more than usual.

Residents nearby say the vibrations, which start at 7am and do not stop until 6pm, are also causing cracks in the walls of their property.

The company, in Kenyon Street, Ramsbottom, has apologised for inconvenience and is carrying out work to fix the problem – which was due to be completed on Tuesday evening.

Another complaint by the same neighbours about noise was not upheld by the Environment Agency.

David Cadden, aged 70, lives in Peel Bridge Mills, Kenyon Street.

His son, Jonny Cadden, aged 37, often works from his father’s home. He said: “It is scandalous, it should be illegal.

“There are bricks dislodged and the plaster in the walls is cracking, there are large structural cracks developing and they have only been here since the vibrations started.

“There was no warning, they just moved in and started working.

“My dad is just sick of it, he is at his wit’s end with it.”

Mr Cadden, who often works from his dad’s house, said the noise and vibrations were making him feel sick.

“To think that my dad is here all day, I don’t know how he copes,” he added.

“He has been a taxpayer all his life, he has put money into the local economy – he doesn’t need this or deserve this, quite simply.

“It is like a night club coming in across the road and playing loud music all day.”

Wheeldon Brothers Waste Ltd has been running a waste for energy plant, which diverts waste that can’t be recycled which would have gone to landfill, for two years at its Kenyon Street site.

The company said its site inspector visited on July 26 and undertook vibration assessments and gave recommendations.

The manufacturer of the screen deck recommended it was raised off the ground with 50mm rubber pads.

Work started on Saturday and was scheduled to be completed by Tuesday night.

A spokesman for Wheeldon Brothers Waste Ltd said: “We trust the manufacturer’s recommendation will resolve the issue.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to residents.

“We take our reputation and public opinion very seriously and though the vibration is relatively minor we do not want to cause residents discomfort.

“We have acted quickly to minimise this issue and don’t understand why the press has been involved.”

An Environment Agency spokesman confirmed its representatives visited the site to carry out tests on the equipment.

The spokesman added: “Our findings have revealed that the level of vibration is currently unacceptable.

“As a result, the manufacturer of the machinery has agreed to install anti-vibration kit within a two week period to try and resolve the situation.

“The Environment Agency will continue to closely monitor the situation.”