RAIN which fell persistently throughout the day almost completely ruined Radcliffe’s third annual charity carnival on Saturday.

Unlike last year when after a torrential morning downpour, the weather cleared up shortly before the start of the procession, this time rain fell sporadically throughout the whole proceedings.

The procession was held, but for most of the time those taking part were wearing rainproof clothing or sheltering under umbrellas, so that the column was only a pale reflection of the brilliance and gaiety that it has produced in the past. And once again the whole of the field events had to be cancelled because of the bad weather.

At the last moment the ceremony of the crowning of the new carnival queen, 17-year-old Susan Farrell, was transferred to the main hall of the Radcliffe County Secondary School, but it was a makeshift production and was watched by only a fraction of the number of people who would have been on the carnival field on a fine day.

It was a bitter climax to a year of hard work by the organising committee, but chairman Mr Geoffrey Howard said that although there had been virtually no revenue from the event other than the collections taken from a much-depleted crowd on the processional route, the event would not be a financial disaster.

Prize money for the various sections of the parade competitions and other expenses total somewhere in the region of £200, and the committee had almost this amount in hand from cash-raising functions held during the year to meet this kind of situation.

Mr Howard said: “There will be a gap to close, but I am confident that even with a much-reduced income we shall not finish up “in the red.” It should be remembered, however, that the object is not merely to present a carnival and ‘keep the books straight’; the committee is trying to raise money for distribution to local charity.”

Commenting on the very poor weather which almost ruined the event, Mr Howard said the committee was very grateful for all those people who had entered the carnival procession.

DESPITE the poor weather which badly affected other sections of the carnival, the Radcliffe Horticultural Society’s summer show held in a marquee on Redbank Field was a big success. Pictured admiring one of the entries are, from left to right; committee members Mr W Taylor and D P Good, and Mr N Nurney of Ainsworth, who won first prize for most points in the flower section.