A YOUNGSTER from The Derby High School is rejoicing after her exam results showed a marked improvement from when she arrived.

Jasmine Catubay, aged 16, from Radcliffe, received As in chemistry, physics, biology, geography and music and a 7 in maths, 5 in English language and 6 in English literature.

According to Jasmine, hard work each year has meant that she has gradually improved her grades every time.

She said: "I have really blossomed at Derby High School. When I first arrived I maybe was not the hardest worker but as time went on I decided to dedicate myself to everything.

"This meant some subjects in particular because I found them more difficult but I feel that my experiences here have matured me and that has showed in my results."

Jasmine will now go to Holy Cross College to study music, maths and physics.

A keen musician, she plays violin, bassoon and the piano and is part of the Bury Music Centre.

She said: "I really like to perform so I always want to do music, whether or not that's as a hobby or as a career I don't know yet.

"I would like to thank all of my teachers for all of their hard work over the years and I will miss them all."

Jasmine came to collect her results alone and said she wanted to surprise her family when she got home.

"I haven't told any of them because I wanted to keep them in suspense."