A backyard was damaged after a fire broke out in Radcliffe last night.

Two fire engines were called to Stopes Road at 10.30pm after a large amount of wood went up in smoke.

Crews from Whitefield reported that the blaze may have been started by some cinders accidentally left over from a controlled brazier fire.

The occupant had been burning off garden waste earlier in the evening, at around 5pm, and believed her had put the whole fire out.

However, the remaining wood later caught fire, causing damaged to the backyard.

Watch manager Karl Gibbons said: “Fire can smoulder. I couldn’t tell you exactly what had happened, he may not have extinguished the brazier thoroughly or something had come out and built up under the wood.

“It was a relatively big fire and took up most of the rear yard of the property.”

Firefighters were on the scene for an hour and a half and used two hose reels to put out the fire before making the area safe.