I WOULD like to thank all the past and present pupils and staff who attended Greenhill’s 40th Anniversary Celebrations on Friday, July 4.

It was a great success, and even the sun shone.

We had a great response from past pupils, many of whom were here in the first few years of Greenhill Primary from 1968. We were also delighted that Cryril Bell, the headmaster at that time was also able to come and join us. Eric Davidson, a parent of one of our early pupils was also able to come. He worked for the police at the time, used to visit school in the early days to give children lessons on the Highway Code.

We had several events and activities for the children, and visits around the school for past pupils who were amazed at all the changes.

It has been a lot of work, but very worthwhile. Thanks again to all those who gave their support. For the full report, and various photos of the day please visit our web site at greenhillprimary.


Martyn Pilling Headteacher Greenhill Primary School Mile Lane Bury