SCHOOL'S out for good for four Ramsbottom teachers.

Four teachers, including the deputy headteacher and the assistant headteacher, retired from Woodhey High School at the end of term.

Deputy headteacher Pam Burrow said: "I've taught in Bury for almost 40 years and I've loved every minute of it. Now I'm looking forward to doing all the things I haven't had time for."

Assistant headteacher Juan Corrin said: "Best wishes to all the remaining staff. I'll be in sunny Spain thinking of all the disruption and noise caused by the new building works - it seems it's definitely the right time to retire."

Two English teachers also said goodbye to the school.

Elaine Metcalf said: "Wonderful school, wonderful staff, brilliant pupils. I have many happy memories."

Ken Walters added: "The luckiest people are the ones who are taking our places because this is a wonderful place to work."