IT didn’t look like I would get on the pitch for my last ever game at Greenmount as I was suffering from a recurrence of an old back injury.

During the week I didn’t think there was any chance of me playing, but I did everything I could to get fit.

If I am honest, I was not really ready, but I said to the captain, Phil Heaton, there was no way I wanted to miss it and luckily, by the time I got out there, the pain just seemed to go.

Next thing I know, I end up getting a fifer. I could not have wished for a better ending, other than maybe getting all 10!

It was starting to look as if I wasn’t going to get the five as I needed one more wicket in my last over. All the lads wanted me to get it and luckily the number 11 obliged by hitting one into the air.

So it was good to get the five, good to get the win and even better to celebrate promotion in my last home game.

It’s all set up now for a title showdown at Heywood.

As far as I am concerned, getting back into the Premier Division is job done, but we might as well try to win the league as well.

There should be a bit of needle in it as we owe them one for the hammering they gave us in the reverse fixture at our place, and I think it should get a decent crowd as well.

Looking at the weather forecast, though, as all cricketers do, it seems it is going to rain all week, which is not good.

We won’t complain, obviously, if it gets rained off and we win the title by default as we are two points clear, but you don’t really want to win stuff like that.

One thing I would say, though, is that I would not be going too over the top celebrating winning the Division One title.

I know I am a grumpy old so-and-so, but I don’t really see it as a major achievement. Beating the best to win the Premier Division is an achievement.

I never felt like we belonged in Division One and I am glad we are back in the Premier Division. That is where the club needs to be if it wants to keep its best players and continue to grow in the future.

For me, the champagne would be kept on ice until we are back winning things in the top tier, but I would not deny the young ones the chance to enjoy what I hope will be a great day and occasion for both clubs.

While we have been celebrating this week, I was sad to see Walshaw and Bury go down.

Over the season I think both clubs knew it was going to be difficult, but they had a good go at it before just coming up short. Everyone at Greenmount knows just how that feels and hopefully they will be able to repeat our success and make it straight back up.

I noticed that Walshaw, especially, beat some big teams this season but did not do it consistently. That is a good lesson for the lads to heed next year – you have to do it week in, week out.