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MATCHDAY LIVE: Crawley Town 3 Bury 2

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Eileenshakers 5:16pm Sat 13 Oct 12
Oh dear the old boy adams comes back to haunt us once again.I did mention that he was going to be their most dangerous player a week or so ago.It looks like our sloppy defensive play has cost us a point.The two Marks sound like they have had nightmare performances.What can we learn from this performance?.Well on a positive note Bishop is scoring again and maybe he can forge a partnership with Hopper,the lads showed real guts and determination to get on level terms.On the negative side i think we cannot get our shape right in defence when are returning from an attacking position like in their second goal.I don't expect us to beat Carlise United on Tuesday even though they have lost 4-0 at home today because we simply can't prevent goals in one box and at home goals are at a premium.That's 8 times now we have conceeded 2 or more goals in a game.Good luck Kevin i really hope that you can turn it round but realistly i think we need to start planning for next season in league 2.I think there is a serious fitness issue at the club with players playing catch up from the previous regime which wasn't good enough.Diet initiatives are one thing Richie but you messed up on other more important proceedures during your tenure in pre-season whilst at Bury fc.Finally can we please bring in a new goalkeeper on loan like Nigel Bond,it's obvious that Trevor is being affected by his poor defenders in front of him.I don't blame him but i think the whole defence needs shaking up.
Score: 0
nomoresurfin 5:54pm Sat 13 Oct 12
The first thing to do to strengthen the defence is drop Lockwood,has any player in the history of the club played so many league games withour ever being on the winning side? He seems totally scared of physical contact,also Schumacher has been given far too many chances now,he's barely had a decent performance since promotion.Any chance of turning this nightmare start around depends for me on shipping out three experienced imposters,Messrs Healy,Lockwood and Schumacher. I notice that Crawley signed Nicky Adams, who has now destroyed us three times on the bounce, before that clown Barker arrived at their club.
Score: 0
Eileenshakers 8:52pm Sat 13 Oct 12
Yes you are right Nomoresurfin' he was already there before Maddog jumped ship to the Crummy delights of Crawley.Adams could have easily signed for us but he is driven by sheer spite when he plays for any team against our club.It's funny how he only managed a handful of goals in his teams relegation season last time out ,perhaps the boo boys at Gigg Lane have got alot to answer for. MR.BLACKWELL please bring in another Central defender to play along side Docherty then sign a new right back.Drop Carson bring in a new goalkeeper,drop Schumacher and bring in Byrne if not use Byrne as a temporary right back.The lad deserves a chance in my opinion and finally drop Carrington can't tackle and is always found out of position. Send the following out on loan anywhere away from Gigg Lane Lockwood,Hughes,A.Jo nes,Belford,Carringt on,Schumacher,releas e Sodje. That's just for starters. Worrall isn't worth his place in the team but who else have we got?,never scores for us and never creates much either. Craig Jones needs to play week in week out. You must sort the defence out if we have any chance of winning a football match. Two stupid errors where our goalkeeper has been caught out has cost us again.
Score: 0
easylife44 10:43pm Sat 13 Oct 12
well, well...one for the plonker. Well done lads, we almost nicked it. Now, let's look ahead from TODAY till Boxing Day. Most of the clubs we play are within 10 places of us. NOW, is the time to amass some points on the board. Boxing Day is PNE then we go into January with the stronger teams. Unlike eileen, I think we can take Carlise and one we win one, I think we can go pon a run of 3 and 1 point games. Nice to see Bish back in the frame, keep going Kevin....this wll tur around Want to listen to some "blah blah" , go to the league1 page on bbc sport....Barker states "with a better strike force against us, we could have lost this". Really!!! Your day will come plonker....I have zero respect for this idiot!!
Score: 0
easylife44 10:46pm Sat 13 Oct 12
Just for the record, the only time I have disagreed with Eileen :-).....Lads 2-1 Carlisle.
Score: 0
nomoresurfin 10:08am Sun 14 Oct 12
Barker really is a piece of work isn't he?our team is in the state it is because of his dereliction of his duty during the summer months when his transfer policy appeared to consist of pulling names out of a hat.This was exacarbated of course by our naive board letting his dozy assistant Shirtliff pick up the reins for a disastrous two months, during which a wages budget which might have been spent on two or three decent players was instead splurged on inflated wages for that fat imposter in Healy.We need Sodje's leadership back on the park,if nothing else we will play ten yards farther up the field than with the ponderous Lockwood and Hughes calling the shots.Sweeney and Byrne for Carington and the abysmal Schumacher would also improve things in central midfield and Blackwell should be given the chance to bring his own assistant in and get rid of the hapless joker Shirtliff.
Score: 0
Eileenshakers 4:19pm Sun 14 Oct 12
Ok Easylife perhaps you might be right and say we best Carlisle United then if you are totally optimistic we go on a winning spree.One has to consider how difficult it will be to pick the lads up after they fought so bravely in vain on Saturday.Carlisle were simply swept aside by a team with enormous self belief so their result was never in doubt. The problem that Kevin has got is that he has to make sure he doesn't change too much and ruin what team spirit we have left at our club. Making assessments of players who are still at our club in a negative way probably was scoring an own goal unless you think it might act as a motivation tactic.Until he has had time to work with the players and brought a few in of his own we won't know where we are at.
Score: 0
shakencity 8:15am Mon 15 Oct 12
When you're bottom of the league, you tend to find those "crosses" seem to go in. No blame can be put upon Carson for either goals (the Swindon one last week & Adams' winner) Eileen, there was simply kak all he could have done about them. If anything you could blame the defence for allowing them so much time and space to send the crosses in in the first place. Anyway, i totally agree about our defence......things have to change if we're to have any chance of staying up. Lockwood, Hughes, Sodje, Jones and Skarz are just not good enough, i really do hope Blackwell sorts this quickly or we're doomed. Schumacher hasn't done anything for about 12mths now and has to get benched asap, i'd start with Sweeney and Carrington in the middle, Jones and Worrall on the wings, with Bishop and Hopper up top. We all know it won't happen though, as Captain Hapless will be back in the middle as normal. Shakers 3-1 Carlisle. Att: 2240 (428 Carlisle).
Score: 0
Eileenshakers 12:59pm Mon 15 Oct 12
Good luck Dominic & Zak from Leeds United just hope the latter doesn't play like his namesake the dingle.I think it is a good idea to freshen things up with a brand new striker and a solid midfielder.It looks like you might get your wish ShakenCity If Tommo is selected then Schuey will need to wear some warm padding whilst he's sat on the bench. Captain Marvel has lost his Mojo and has lost the fire in his belly.When he was out injured last season he was still giving his tough team talks and jeeing up the troops.So these are the favours that Kevin promised to call in well, it's positive that nobody plays for Leeds United unless they possess skill,fight,characte r and determination.We have needed a physical presence up front for sometime,something to give the opposition defenders to think about.I wonder if David Amoo performed that role in part last season.Yes both winning goals from our last two games were flukes but the keeper is too easily beaten off his line for me.You could argue defenders should have anticipated this that and the other but Adams knew what he was doing,he took a punt and it paid off.Only he would have scored that goal it was driven by spite,vengeance and retribution.No wonder he wanted to join a club called "THE RED DEVILS".
Score: 0
Eileenshakers 1:11pm Mon 15 Oct 12
It's possible that all the success that we have achieved in the past few seasons is down to signing good loan players at the right time.If we can bring in young hungry players then i'm sure our fortunes will turn around.At the end of the day Barker only signed what was available in the transfer market and players that were willing to come to our club.I can't remember a more dismall season than this.So yes it is our worst start to a season since 1905.
Score: 0
nomoresurfin 1:42pm Mon 15 Oct 12
Eileen, Nicky Adams scored a couple of goals for us like the winner on Saturday so i'm not 100% convinced that it was a fluke.If Barker signed the best players available within our budget, how come dopey Shirtliff was allowed to splurge approximately £3k a week in wages on that fat has been Healy whose record showed 19 league goals in the last five seasons after leaving Leeds? From the money saved by not signing Healy we could have signed the admirable Clarke instead of Lockwood, got a decent striker like Nardiello and maybe even signed Nicky Adams rather than the unproven Marshall.Barker didn't give a ****, because he had no intention of starting this season at Gigg Lane so wasn't bothered about weakening the squad by silly signings.Incidentaal ly did you know that when that fool Shirtliff offloaded Andy Bishop to Wrexham on loan we were still paying half of Bish's wages ? Yet Kevin Blackwell has been told that there should still be a job at the club for the gormless Shirty.
Score: 0
nomoresurfin 1:51pm Mon 15 Oct 12
Sorry, I've just been told that i'm misinformed and that in the last five seasons Healy has in fact scored 12 goals in 82 league appearances.
Score: 0
Eileenshakers 1:00pm Tue 16 Oct 12
I think that you will find that our dithering board are the real reason that we are in this mess Nomoresurfin'. I totally agree with most of your points.Shirtliff accepted the job why wouldn't he?.He didn't want to uproot his family down to Sussex.At the end of the day the board sanctions everything including players and caretaker manager.Bish wanted to go onloan,i can't blame him for that,his confidence was shot.All of the bad decisions that will ultimately cost us our status in league 1 have been made by our board.I congratulate them for getting one thing right that is appointing a good proven manager.However his appointment has come to late.This time last year we had 11 points from 11 games and were about to embark on our best run of games.Whoever sanctioned the signing of Healy needs to take a cold hard look at themselves.This was a desperation signing.No other club wanted to take a punt on him including tonights opponents Carlisle United,yet he is considered good enough to make the Northern Ireland bench.He has chose country over club which won't endear him to our fans.The one thing i cannot stomach is a disloyal player.Yet Byrne chose to carve out a career and ern a contract with us ahead of international committments and he is overlooked.The board need to get rid of Futch & Shirtliff,let the new boss bring in his own team if we are to progress.I accept that Kevin knew that he would have to work with them but i can't see what they might provide him with apart from going on scouting missions to view our next opponents.We won't see the fruits of Kevin's hard work until 2013 in my opinion once he has his own team in place.
Score: 0
R.Sole 12:20am Thu 18 Oct 12
Eileen, 3 weeks ago, when I posted on this board saying that the Bury board needed to be replaced before any positive changes could happen at the club, you disagreed with me, In fact you said the current board of directors was the best that the club has had for many a year. I'm glad that you now appear to agree with me.
Score: 0
shakencity 8:36am Thu 18 Oct 12
Eileen, "He has chose country over club which won't endear him to our fans.The one thing i cannot stomach is a disloyal player". Why would any Bury fan class choosing playing for their country over our club as being disloyal?
Score: 0
Eileenshakers 11:25am Thu 18 Oct 12
R.Sole wrote: Eileen, 3 weeks ago, when I posted on this board saying that the Bury board needed to be replaced before any positive changes could happen at the club, you disagreed with me, In fact you said the current board of directors was the best that the club has had for many a year. I'm glad that you now appear to agree with me.
I know i have defended our board in the past R.Sole however i have to agree with you that most recently they have blundered big time.Overall i am satisfied with the way the club is being wrong.I cannot fault their commitment to the effort but we shouldn't have allowed 2 managers just to walk out on our club when they did.We should have made Knill stay til the end of the season and we should have said "SORRY RICHIE YOU CAN HONOUR YOUR CONTRACT".If that fails then we should have processed the management position earlier not just leave the Cv's in the draw to collect dust whilst our season wilted. SHAKENCITY the reason i said that Healy has been disloyal to our club is as follows. 1.He wasn't likely to be selected for Northern Ireland if he hasn't shown any kind of form at Bury fc. 2.So he just warmed the bench whilst we were scrapping for our lives against the likes of Carlisle United. The timing really stinks as far as i am concerned.Like i said last year Shayne Byrne chose not to play for his country in order to fight for a place in the team and help us survive in league 1. David Healy is an overweight has been as far as i am concerned but he might have been fired up to play Carlisle as he nearly joined them in the summer.
Score: 0
shakencity 12:00pm Thu 18 Oct 12
David Healy might not have been expecting to sit on the bench for the whole 90 minutes though. I don't blame him in the slightest for going to play for his country, his manager wanted him, so he went. Anyway, if as you say, he hasn't shown any kind of form at Bury FC, you should be glad he went and not taken up a starting berth at home to Carlisle (fired up or not).....afterall, Bish and Hopper ended up doing well on Tuesday.
Score: 0
Eileenshakers 2:13pm Thu 18 Oct 12
Well i would have expected Kevin Blackwell to have got the best out of David Healy at some point in the season.I cannot see the point in a player missing several games for a club that desperately need assistance in our position and just sitting on the bench.It's obvious that Healy's main motivation in the twilight of his career is to achieve 100 caps for his country.I think personally that Kevin will not be impressed by his decision to abandon us when we need him the most.As Kevin states recently in comments made we need experience and youth to progress and get out of this mess.Tom Hopper has missed guilt edged chances which could have won us matches.Had those chances fallen to a more experienced striker we might not have lost 3 points in our last 2 games and possibly 2 points at Stevenage.It's good to see the Developement squad win 3-1 last night at Edgeley Park.Even better to see Pan,Jonah & the trialist score.There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel however bleak the picture might look right now.I think Cullen will end up going back to Hull City early in his loan spell due to injury hopefully.Then could we perhaps do a swap loan deal involving DH going to the Mk Dons for Ryan Lowe.Good to see he turned down Rotherham United fc,now there's a club with ambitions above their status.
Score: 0

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