PATIENCE is a virtue sadly lacking in football, according to Bury manager Kevin Blackwell.

And while the outspoken boss would readily admit to losing his on numerous occasions during a difficult first few months in the Gigg Lane hotseat, he believes patience, rather than a steely will to win, is the essential ingredient to ensuring the long-term future of the club.

“I was laughing to myself the other morning about patience in football,” he said.

“I came in (to work) listening to Talksport and the Chelsea fans were castigating Roman Abramovich.

“I don’t remember Chelsea being a top, top side for a long, long time until Abramovich came and put money in to bring in top class players.

“We all want to win. Let me tell you, the desire to win is no less burning in my heart than it is in Rafa Benitez or Sir Alex Ferguson.

“And it’s no greater burning in a Bury fan than it is in a Man United fan, or a Liverpool fan or a Barcelona fan. We all want to win the games, what I don’t see is common sense.

“I would say to all these people who are shouting and screaming about Chelsea at the moment, that I don’t think it is right to put directors of football clubs under massive pressure to make decisions that are wrong.

“The housekeeping goes out of the window because chairmen and directors try to placate fans.

“The fans are there to support their football club and the football club is there to try to entertain them and give them winning football as best they can.

“But not everybody can win, so there has to be patience and a bit of common sense.”

Blackwell believes the behaviour and rationale of fans at Chelsea, and some of the other top clubs, is out of step with what is happening in the real world, as well as in football’s lower leagues.

He has called for more patience from supporters as a whole, and, after the Shakers’ recent financial problems, urged Bury fans to bear with him and the club over the coming months as they try to fight against relegation without breaking the bank.

“When I hear the things fans say about Chelsea, who are third in the Premier League, I think for goodness sake wake up,” he said.

“Come to Bury, where things are tough and fans are just as passionate. That is tough and that is what life’s about.

“Patience is a virtue, I’m afraid, and it’s not a word that’s very often used in football, but it should be.

“I think now, with the financial crisis that is happening in the world, which has also affected football, everybody has got to have a bit of patience and understanding.

“I won’t risk my house by squandering money on this, that and the other, and football clubs should be exactly the same.

“Fans sometimes will have to be patient because, at the end of the day, if you’ve still got your home to go to, you’ve got everything.”