I saw kindly face of Margaret Thatcher

3:47pm Thursday 11th April 2013

I had the great priviledge of meeting Margaret Thatcher on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 16, 1989, in the Prime Minister’s office in the House of Commons.


9:34am Thursday 8th March 2012

TWO weeks ago I had to clean dog poo from outside my 88-year-old neighbours’ gate.

Listen to our concerns

9:34am Thursday 8th March 2012

FOR the past five years, I and others have put views forward that would improve the area in and around Stoneclough, and yet nothing has changed.

Bus lane drivers risk causing a collision with law-abiders

9:34am Thursday 8th March 2012

LIKE most of your readers’ letters concerning bus lanes, Alan Davies of Whitefield’s letter contains inaccuracies.

Statement ranks with famous other silly pronouncements

9:34am Thursday 8th March 2012

REGARDING Mr Slingsby’s idiotic missive accusing staff of being liabilities. Some are, most aren’t.

I want to help give power back to communities

9:33am Thursday 8th March 2012

A KEY mandate for the Conservative led Government was to devolve powers of decision making about communities closer to the people involved.

Take notice of clean-up pupils

9:33am Thursday 8th March 2012

IT is about time that Bury Council took notice of the very serious concerns highlighted by the children of Tottington Primary School, who are unhappy about the level of dog fouling on our streets.

Competition would improve bus service

9:33am Thursday 8th March 2012

REGARDING the poor performance of First Bus.

Cut speed and make roads safer for cyclists

9:33am Thursday 8th March 2012

AS the ‘Cities fit for cycling’ campaign headed for debate by MPs David Cameron vowed to tackle high car insurance. In rising by 17 per cent last year, might cycling injuries rising by eight per cent be in some way responsible?

Railway solution to heavy commuter traffic

9:33am Thursday 8th March 2012

A common phrase to describe commuters is “long suffering”, and those in the borough who travel to Manchester by bus, car or tram will be familiar with that description.

Challenge owners to clean up after dogs

9:32am Thursday 8th March 2012

GIVE a dog a bad name and it tends to stick. Please allow me to defend responsible dog owners from those irresponsible owners as we all tend to get tarred with the same brush.

Why refuse cash for road repairs?

9:32am Thursday 8th March 2012

I have to agree with the letter from Bob Hargeaves last week. The state of the majority of the roads, pavements and footpaths in the borough is appalling.

Spare us litter with more waste bins

9:37am Thursday 5th January 2012

HAVING been a business owner on Bolton Street, Bury, for the best part of 40 years, I am dismayed most Saturday and Sunday mornings by the amount of litter discarded on the pavement outside the fast food establishments from the nights before.

We couldn’t help children without the people of Bury

9:36am Thursday 5th January 2012

I would like to say a personal thank you to all readers who have helped support the NSPCC throughout 2011. Thanks to the public giving generously, we have made significant strides for children this year.

Curtain up on cycle path pantomime

9:36am Thursday 5th January 2012

It’s the pantomime season. This year’s production by the Bury Planning Department Players is Aladdin.

Focus on the economy, not hunting ban

9:36am Thursday 5th January 2012

I see that Sue Simmons of the Holcombe Hunt is predictably calling for a repeal of the Hunting Act.

Councillor’s death leaves a huge gap

9:36am Thursday 5th January 2012

THE sudden passing of Cllr John Byrne has shocked and stunned everyone who has been in any way involved in Bury politics.

Where was the Big Society at Christmas?

9:35am Thursday 5th January 2012

As I was eating my Christmas dinner alone, the Queen’s Speech came on the radio.

Is First Bus service worth price rise?

9:35am Thursday 5th January 2012

WHO is First trying to kid?

What has gone wrong with subsidising the poor?

9:36am Thursday 5th January 2012

I AM a tax payer and have been for the last 50 years. I don’t mind subsidising other people’s children at school. I don’t even mind my taxes being used to support people out of work or people in need through no fault of their own and I am sure there are plenty of them, but I do mind supporting scroungers.

Fans are entitled to voice their opinions

9:04am Thursday 1st December 2011

ACCORDING to the manager of Bury FC three per cent of the home fans have been abusing players.

Remembrance Day upset

9:04am Thursday 1st December 2011

IT seems that readers’ criticism of the Remembrance service in Bury has been concerned with the attendance of Nick Griffin.

Disabled person’s car makes way for mum

9:04am Thursday 1st December 2011

My wife and I are visiting from Holland. My wife’s sister, who lives in Bolton, is severely disabled and cannot walk, and when we are here it’s an opportunity to take her out.

Street left off the Christmas lights list

9:03am Thursday 1st December 2011

The town centre is looking good, although one poor little street has been overlooked once again.

Tribute to medical staff

9:03am Thursday 1st December 2011

IN August I broke my hip in a nasty fall. As I was screaming in pain, the ambulance personnel called paramedics to give me morphine. They were wonderful.

Don’t visit the market in a big car

9:02am Thursday 1st December 2011

I WOULD just like to send out a warning letter to anyone wanting to go to Bury Market in any car that is big.

UK cannot afford final salary scheme

9:02am Thursday 1st December 2011

PERHAPS I can clarify why Gillian Eccles should pay more into her NHS pension and get less: 1. Like many public sector jobs, the NHS pension is unfunded, ie, there is no pension pot 2. The Government has no money 3. Money in the UK is created by the private sector and distributed by means of salaries, profit, bank interest, taxation etc.

Teacher’s explanation for yesterday’s strike

9:02am Thursday 1st December 2011

As a secondary school teacher taking industrial action, I felt that parents whose children miss a day’s education and who may in turn miss out on a day’s pay would like an explanation.

Your parents should be proud of you

9:34am Thursday 17th November 2011

I AM the lady who collapsed outside the Mill Gate shopping centre, Bury, on Wednesday November 2, I want to thank the lovely two young ladies and the young man who came to help my sister and got water for me, and then phoned family.

Forums a lot more than talking shops

9:34am Thursday 17th November 2011

Concerning H. Gates’s letter (They’re all just talking shops, November 3), I hope I can give him reasons to be optimistic about the forums — and maybe even to play a part in their success.

Charity shops prices too high

9:34am Thursday 17th November 2011

Last week I took a look around all the charity shops we have in Bury and I was amazed by the prices!

It’s time to recognise Jill

9:33am Thursday 17th November 2011

I HAVE always been interested in the people from Bury who have been granted the freedom of the borough. I have also taken an interest in people who have made a long-term commitment to the town and for whatever reason have been overlooked.

Super NHS service from start to finish

9:33am Thursday 17th November 2011

Further to your recent criticisms of our local NHS I feel I must write to redress the balance between what you are reporting and what is actuality for anyone having the misfortune to have to call upon their (NHS) services.

Flower seller very welcome

9:32am Thursday 17th November 2011

I am a regular vistor to Bury Cemetery and have been saying for quite some time that there needs to be a flower seller just as there is at Agecroft.

Prisoners could sort waste

9:32am Thursday 17th November 2011

There have been many problems and much expense over the new system of recycling and with the provision of new bins.

We need the police to fight drugs crime

9:32am Thursday 17th November 2011

I read with interest that Bury has a new badge of honour as a drugs hotbed, having recorded the most number of drug offences in Bury East than in any other neighborhood in Greater Manchester. Yes, higher than Manchester city and the city of Salford.

It’s about fairness, not a race to the bottom

9:32am Thursday 17th November 2011

Jacqui Hall makes heartfelt, but misleading, statements about the pensions issue.

Can’t we sacrifice two minutes’ of silence?

9:32am Thursday 17th November 2011

On Armistice Day this year, I was shocked, saddened and ashamed by the continued abuse of the two minute silence.

Why should I pay more for a pension?

9:32am Thursday 17th November 2011

I wholeheartedly agree with Jacqui Hall’s letter regarding NHS pensions.

Use foreign aid to help hospitals

9:32am Thursday 17th November 2011

It was an inspiration to be at the recent protest at the proposed closure of Fairfield Hospital Mother and Baby Unit.

Let’s set up a residents association

9:31am Thursday 17th November 2011

AINSWORTH residents are invited to a meeting on Wednesday, November 23 at 7pm at Ainsworth Library, to discuss reinstating the tenants and residents association.

Standing in the way of business

10:01am Thursday 20th October 2011

I’ve just heard that a barber shop in Ramsbottom was fined £500 by Bury Council for foolishly trying to promote its business.

Light Night was a huge success!

10:01am Thursday 20th October 2011

Congratulations Bury. The Light Night was a massive success.

Make parking easy for visitors

10:01am Thursday 20th October 2011

There have been numerous letters in recent weeks about the car parking in Bury and Friday’s Light Night proved parking again was an issue.

Friends of the Earth voice goes unheeded

10:01am Thursday 20th October 2011

As secretary of the union branch that represents most of the refuse workers working for Bury MBC, might I say that I agree with Ms Nicole Haydock of the Bury Green Party (Bury Times October 6, 2011) that it is desirable that Bury should improve its recycling results.

Well done on exam results

10:00am Thursday 20th October 2011

I would like to congratulate all staff and pupils, at The Derby High, on their record breaking (88 per cent) five A*-C pass rates in the recent GCSE examination results.

But Pickles wants rid of A boards

10:00am Thursday 20th October 2011

DEREK Brooks regularly writes to support the Conservatives and berate Labour.

Children get a sense of past

10:00am Thursday 20th October 2011

I write in response to the letter printed in the Bury Times on October 13 “Evacuees didn't dress like that”.

Why should we pay to replace old bins?

10:00am Thursday 20th October 2011

THE first Township Forum meeting at the Elms Community Centre was addressed by Neil Long, assistant director of Bury waste, on recycling.

Thanks for helping me

9:59am Thursday 20th October 2011

I would like to send a huge thank you to Paul Brannan, the extremely kind gentleman; who not only spotted I had a flat tyre, but then went ahead and changed it for me at McDonalds; a week last Friday.

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