About our e-editions

What is an e-edition?
An e-edition is an electronic version of our newspaper. You can read the entire newspaper in your web browser, turn pages just as you would do with a newspaper, and zoom into the text if you want a more detailed view. The e-edition is also searchable so if there’s something you want to look for within the newspaper you can simply click the ‘search’ button in the top right hand corner and then enter the words and phrases you want to search for within the search box.

What do I get as a subscriber of an e-edition?
If you subscribe to an e-edition then you will be able to view that week’s edition hours before the printed version hits the news stand. This means that you will be first to the latest news, announcements, job vacancies, cars for sale, articles for sale and property. You can also make substantial savings of over 50% on the usual cover price.

Can I view past editions as a subscriber?
Yes, you will be able to access any of our e-editions that have been published since we launched them in February 2009.

Will I be notified when my e-edition subscription is due to end?
Yes, we will notify you 7 days prior to your subscription ending, and you will receive a final notification once the subscription has expired.

Will I be able to login using the same details once my subscription expires?
Yes, your account details will remain exactly the same although you will need to select a new subscription package.

Who do I contact if I have difficulty accessing my e-edition?
If you are having trouble accessing your e-edition or processing payments, simply email eedition@lancashire.newsquest.co.uk with ‘E-edition support’ in the email subject header. Please include your account email address information and also the publication that you are trying to access within your email.

Who do I contact regarding a query with my payment / charging?
If you have a query with regards to your payment, please email lsoper@lancashire.newsquest.co.uk with details of your transaction, alongside a copy of the payment confirmation email that you will have received, with details of your query. We will endeavour to get back to you or resolve your query within 2 working days.

How do I cancel my E-edition subscription?
Customers who wish to cancel their subscription must do so within 7 days of activating their e-edition account. The remaining balance will then be credited to your account. Cancellations must be received 48 hours prior to the next edition of the E-edition being published. To cancel simply email eedition@lancashire.newsquest.co.uk from the email address with which you subscribed with 'E-edition cancellation' within the message subject header. Please remember to quote your login account, the title that you are subscribing to and any payment references you have been sent.

About us:
E-edition are published by Newsquest Northwest, a subsidiary of Newsquest Media Group Ltd:

Newsquest (North West) Ltd
Registered in England
58 Church Street , Weybridge , Surrey KT13 8DP
Company Reg. No: 3102566
Contact Telephone number: 01204 537313
Contact email address: lsoper@lancashire.newsquest.co.uk