This time last year, I had harvested my first courgettes and I had picked a basket of strawberries. To say my allotment feels like it’s behind is an understatement.

By my reckoning, thing are behind by about four weeks – we need some sunshine.

I also discovered a wasp nest in my skirret bed (skirret is an annual root veg). I pulled up a clump of willow herb and next minute they all swarmed out like a black buzzing cloud.

It’s not often I shout “leg it” and run for cover, but I did! I cleared my allotment and was halfway across the car park when I caught my senses.

I returned, spade in hand and a little unnerved and still marvelling at how fast I’d covered the distance. The wasps were still buzzing around, really angry.

The question is now, what on Earth do I do with an underground wasp nest?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against wasps, they do have a part to play in a healthy plot.

They aren’t the bad guys we think they are. They love scoffing on crop-destroying critters like weevils, caterpillars and grubs. They munch them up and feed it to their young.

In fact they are so good at this, some farmers will ship wasps in as a natural pest control.

So I’m left pondering ‘do I keep the nest and let nature do its thing?’.

Do I ask to borrow a bee suit from the community allotment and dig them up and move them to the woods?

(The logistics of which I haven’t fully worked out, but who needs a plan these days?).

My allotment to do list:

n If you have tree ties around your apples etc, just have a quick look to see if they need to be slackened off.

n Aphids are in full swing now. A blast with A hose pipe will get rid of them for now, but a spray bottle with soapy water is also good. There are many sprays out there to use, but these sprays will also kill the friendly bugs too so be careful.

Why not sow a few rows of carrots this weekend – it’s not too late.

If you have a question about your allotment, you can email