Every year there is a crop that does brilliantly, that one veg that stands out as superb. For me, this year it’s been my marrow squash.

Every time I turn around there’s another ready to be picked and they taste amazing.

They bake a bit like one of those spaghetti squashes and when you fork out the flesh it looks just like noodles. I really recommend them for your plot next year.

I have to say the autumn has been much kinder to my plot than summer.

My dahlias had another try at growing and the slugs left them to it. My Tuscan kale has come along beautifully now the caterpillars have gone.

The yellow courgettes that my daughter lovingly sowed in spring haven’t stopped,

I bet we have had one for dinner almost every night.

The chilli peppers have also been good, in fact a little on the hot side; fortunately we like a bit of heat on our plates!

I have strung a bunch up to dry in my kitchen, these will go into spicy stews, curries and chilli over winter.

I still have cucumbers, melons and tomatoes growing in my polytunnel - unusual for this time of the year . . . well, it is for me anyway.

I have usually composted the vines and wiped it all down by now.

But for now, everything seems happy to carry on growing,

I’m certainly not arguing. In fact, let’s hope it stays like this until November.

My allotment to do list:

If the crowns of your rhubarb are getting too big, dig them up and divide them.

It’s a good time to take cuttings from currents. Take a nice healthy cutting and just pop it into the soil. If it’s long enough you could even get two from it.

To get a head start on next spring you could sow a few sweet peas to over winter in the green house, keep the soil moist.

Broadbeans can be over wintered, just sow straight into the soil while it’s still warm enough.

If you have an allotment query you can email: vixlot@outlook.com