Friday, September 9, 1966

RADCLIFFE'S annual charity carnival could yet break even financially despite this year's event being a washout.

Despite the downpours of rain that marred the carnival last month, committee treasurer Eric Carter provided a cautiously optimistic estimate in a town hall meeting.

Mr Carter pointed out that, although the actual procession had been held as scheduled, the arena events had to be called off because of the waterlogged state of the Red Bank field.

With a far from complete list of either receipts or expenditure, it was impossible to give an accurate appraisal of the financial situation, he said.

But the indications he has received so far gave him hope that the financial deficit might not be so large as had been first feared and that, if they were extremely lucky, they might break even.

Mr Carter said: "I must stress strongly that this is only a tentative assessment and that it would be foolish to come to any firm conclusions until the whole of the figures are available."

Committee members showed considerable support for a suggestion from the chairman, Mr G Howard, that as the arena events had been washed out, including the popular morris dancing competition, they should consider introducing a morris dancing competition at the May fete.

Mr Howard said: "I have mentioned the idea tentatively to representatives of the Regional Carnival Committee, and they were very enthusiastic about the scheme.

"It was suggested that they might even donate a trophy for the competition."

The committee's annual meeting will be held on Monday, October 3, when a professionally audited account will be presented and new officers elected.

If the coloured film of the 1966 carnival is ready by then, it will be given its first showing at the meeting.

One member complained that an unauthorised person had obtained money from at least two people, by purporting to canvass for advertising space in the carnival programme.

Before closing the meeting, Mr Howard expressed his appreciation for the hard work done and the ingenuity shown by the carnival committee in the adverse conditions that had faced them on the day.

It was a great encouragement to know that they could work so well under such pressure, he added.