ANOTHER day, another step closer to living in the world of a sci-fi movie.

While we’re not quite plugged permanently into the matrix yet, the notion that we’ll all be walking around wearing computers on our heads is a distinct possibility.

Google glass, a product due to be launched next year may or may not revolutionise our lives.

It’s essentially a pair of glasses with a heads-up display allowing the user to see real time information about the world in front of them.

Wearable computing is not a new idea, but this is the first serious attempt at bringing it into the mainstream.

Glass also has a camera, allowing you to take pictures and record videos of anything you do and upload them instantly.

It’s voice controlled, and also has bone induction sound technology, which sounds terrifying, but means the sound vibrates into your ear rather than using headphones.

Instructions are given by saying “Okay glass”, which sounds great until you imagine yourself in the quiet coach of a crowded train, wearing a bizarre-looking device on your head.

With an estimated price tag of £500, it could end up as an expensive drawer-filler if the voice commands are frustrating or the sound is inaudible. And, whatever happens, you will look like an idiot.

DEWEY-eyed retro-gaming fans will be saddened to hear of the closure of the legendary LucasArts games studio.

The team behind classics titles such as the Monkey Island series - as well as many Star Wars games - was shut down by Disney, the new owners of the Lucas empire.

In fairness to Disney, it's been many years since LucasArts produced anything of any note, but the first two Monkey Island games are two of the finest pieces of digital entertainment ever created.