RADCLIFFE'S Charles Burns has made it through to another week of BBC One show The Apprentice.

The 24-year-old came closer to eviction than he would have liked after being pulled into the board room in last night's episode.

This week's challenge saw candidates sent to Bruges to pull off a quality city boat tour.

Teams also had to get tourists to pay for their tours as well as flogging souvenirs to boost their profit margins.

Team Vitality chose three elements to the task — a walking tour, beer-tasting session and horse taxi ride.

Team Graphene, meanwhile, included a segway tour, horse and cart ride, and chocolate tour.

In this third element, Charles, along with businesswoman 36-year-old Anisa Topan, attempted to conduct a 10-minute tour of the Belgian city.

But the 24-year-old was criticised by Lord Sugar's assistant Karren Brady for getting the directions all wrong.

She said the tour is "really badly prepared" and knocked Charles for walking in circles around a hospital while searching for the entrance for 30 minutes.

The King David High School pupil said of the sixth episode: "It was our third stop on the horse taxi.

"Anisa managed to find a paid entrance to the building, but I was trying to find a free entrance.

"We were walking around in a big square but after all that we were back to square one and I looked like a lemon."

Charles added: "Sarah-Jayne decided she'd been a wallflower so put herself forward as project manager.

"We were responsible for developing the tour and choosing the various points of interest.

"Anisa was supposed to find facts and figures about where we went while I took the logistics side of things.

"The other three focused on getting a good ticket price but in the end, spent everything on alcohol.

"It was a very tough week but entertaining all the same."