Kulvinder Ghir (Goodness Gracious Me, The Real McCoy, Bend it Like Beckham) and Michelle Hardwick (The Royal) star in Tom Paulin’s gripping new adaption of Euripides’s Greek tragedy, Medea, which opens at The Lowry on April 13.

Alone, betrayed by a husband she sacrificed everything for, Medea unleashes a horrific vengeance on her enemies, making both assassins and victims of her own children.

Featuring one of the most powerful female roles in the history of drama, Medea is an intense story fuelled by passion, hatred and deadly rage.

Heroic yet deadly, sympathetic yet appalling Medea’s barbaric actions will stir your emotions as you find yourself irresistibly drawn into the nightmare world of this spectacularly vengeful woman.

Writer Tom Paulin said about the production: “Medea is an intense, gruelling tragic play about that very rare form of murder, matricide. Anyone coming to see the play must expect to have their heart-strings torn.”

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