THIS walk uncovers Solomon’s Temple, one of the “lost farms” — now lying in ruins — on the moors above Chorley. It passes through Withnell Woods and walks back to Abbey Village along the artificial waterway of The Goit — linking Roddlesworth and Anglezarke Reservoirs — and a stretch of the old Blackburn-Chorley railway line, which is now a nature reserve.

Join Dole Lane directly opposite the Hare & Hounds pub, signed for Withnell. Follow the pavement of this lane heading in the direction of Withnell and Brinscall for about a mile as it heads gradually uphill then bends sharp right. When it starts to bend right downhill, cross it with care and join the side road on the left signed as Butterworth Brow. Follow this for less than 100 metres then leave it on the left along a track signed as a footpath.

This leads uphill between houses, goes through a gate and heads on to Withnell Moor on the east side of a quarry. Just keep going straight ahead gradually uphill along a sunken track until a wall is reached. There is a good view looking north from here.

At the wall, turn sharp right keeping the wall on your left, following a distinct path only as far as two gateposts on the left.

Go through this open gateway and follow the path through rough pasture to the ruins of Solomon’s Temple reached through two more gateposts. Many of the moors’ farms became depopulated with the building of Liverpool Corporation’s reservoirs in the 19th century.

From the ruin, the walk changes direction completely and skirts around the farm ruin to turn right and head back in the direction of Brinscall village seen in the valley below. The path crosses a field and a ruined wall to reach a track by another abandoned farmhouse.

Turn left on the track to cross a stile at a junction of tracks and lane. Turn right downhill following the vehicular lane towards Brinscall and the trees of Wheelton Plantation.

Follow this for about half a mile, ignoring the first footpath on the left, until a gate is reached on the left leading into the woods. Go through this and cross a bridge over a deep clough. Follow the main track through a gate and keep to this as it runs straight ahead through the wood for nearly a mile and it eventually drops downhill to a gate and stile leading to a bridge over The Goit.

Cross the bridge and turn right to follow the path along The Goit.

Keep the channel on the immediate right, passing through more gates, until you reach the lake at Brinscall and go through a new children’s playground and ornate gates to reach the road through the village. Continue straight ahead directly across the road from the gates, joining the pavement of Railway Road, walking in the direction of Withnell village. Follow this only for a short distance until a pedestrian access (at a wooden fence) is reached on the left.

Turn left here and the path passes a sports pitch and joins a track running left to right.

Turn right along this track which is part of the old railway between Feniscowles, Blackburn and Botany Bay, Chorley.

This skirts past a pond on the left and the old line is followed for the next mile, passing under an impressive bridge and through a deep cutting, eventually arriving back at the A675 road in Abbey Village close to the old Withnell Station.

Turn right along the A road through the village to return to the start point.

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