STOODLEY Pike is a prominent Yorkshire landmark perched high on a moorland shelf above the textile towns of the Calder Valley. The sombre stone monument was built in 1815 to celebrate victory in the Napoleonic Wars. When it subsequently collapsed in 1854 during the Crimean War and during the First World War, the Pike was thought to be an omen of war.

This walk starts from the old weaving hamlets of Lumbutts and Mankinholes and involves a steep climb up a stone causeway to the Pike. The climb is worth it for the view and there is plenty of downhill to follow. The walk takes in sections of three long distance paths the Pennine Way, the Calderdale Way and the Pennine Bridleway.

1. Start at the church which is just uphill from the old water mill tower and Top Brink Inn. Join the walled track on the opposite side of the lane to the church which is signed for Stoodley Pike.

The track climbs gradually uphill past a mill pond to reach a gate. Continue straight ahead and another path joins on the left. You are now on a section of the Calderdale Way. The path climbs uphill and zigzags, it becomes a distinct stone causeway. You soon reach a stone pillar at a crossroads of paths.

2. Turn sharp left at the path junction and continue more gradually uphill along the moorland edge to reach Stoodley Pike monument. You are now following a section of the Pennine Way.

After exploring the stone tower (take a torch!) follow the continuation of the Pennine Way with the tower behind you. This is the distinct path which continues along the plateau then drops down to a wall gap. Cross over the wall then almost immediately cross the wall stile on the left to follow a path down to meet a crossroads of routes at a track.

3. Leave the Pennine Way here, which goes straight ahead at the crossroads. Instead turn sharp left along the track. You are now following the Pennine Bridleway. This track now follows the contours of the hillside and maintains a level course before dropping down the hillside very gradually below Stoodley Pike. It is followed for about 1 ¾ miles back to Mankinholes.

Go straight ahead at two crossroads of paths until you eventually reach a lane by houses in the little hamlet of Mankinholes.

4. You can choose your route here. To return quickly to Lumbutts bear left and follow the lane back to the church. Alternatively, turn right and follow the lane through the hamlet past the youth hostel on the right.

After passing the hostel you can join the path on the left to follow a field edge path back to Lumbutts. Alternatively, walk on a bit further and you can turn left along the Pennine Bridleway track which also leads back to the inn.