BLUE sky thinking is propelling Whitefield-based Green Cloud Hosting towards business prosperity and within reach of achieving its two-year growth target.

Ex-Prestwich High School pupil Kamran Maqbool is at the helm of the thriving firm which is changing the way companies operate their IT systems while at the same time helping them make significant savings.

By harnessing what is known as cloud computing, clients can virtually do away with the need to invest in hardware, such as servers, and outsource such high-tech requirements instead.

As Kamran explained: “Cloud services allows people to manage their costs better by having their IT systems managed by a third-party provider. It means they don’t have to have any hardware on site, apart from a computer.

“Using our new enterprise-grade cloud platform, customers have the freedom to securely access all their communications tools from any web browser or device with an internet connection.

“Everyone can benefit from cloud computing and it’s not just about cost savings.

“Clients can eliminate the need to install and run applications in their premises and take away the hassle of hardware and software maintenance, operation, security and support.”

The 34-year-old, of Dingle Close, Whitefield, added: “They can also save on capital and cloud computing is much more cost-effective. Above and beyond that, if their building gets flooded, then there are no servers to damage.”

Green Cloud Hosting, which employs three people, is a Microsoft partner and utilises Microsoft services whereby data centre servers store the information on behalf of customers.

Kamran continued: “Cloud computing is fast changing from a futuristic technology into a commercially viable alternative to traditional on-premises servers and storage.”

After spending 15 years working in the telecoms industry, the former Bury College student took the shrewd decision to launch his own company.

He explained: “I just wanted to do something for myself and build up a business from scratch. The main aim is to get businesses interested and to spread the message about cloud computer benefits.

“We’ve been promoting ourselves on Google, attending networking events and we’re increasing our customers every month.

The Whitefield firm predominantly provides cloud computing services for accountants, solicitors, recruitment and commodity trading customers.

l For more information: visit greencloudhosting.