COFFEE shop owner Vicki Kay knows how to make a good brew — and she shared her tips with millions of radio listeners across the country.

She was contacted by researchers from Chris Evans’ breakfast show on Radio Two after he had discussed cappuccinos with his assistant.

Miss Kay, who owns Barista in The Rock, Bury, was invited to make a guest appearance on the show last Thursday.

She spoke about what makes a good coffee, the taste, and the pros and cons of drinking coffee.

Miss Kay, who lives in Whitefield, said: “I was quite honoured to be asked. Being a nationwide show, they could have picked anyone in London or somewhere else, but they chose us in Bury.

“It was good to talk to Chris and we had a laugh.

“I have had lots of comments from customers and other businesses who heard me on the radio. It’s been good exposure for the business and for the town centre.”

The 42-year-old is no stranger to the airwaves, as she regularly appears on Becky Want’s show on BBC Manchester.

She talks about the latest issues affecting her customers and stories featured in the Bury Times.