A WOMAN has been fined after walking into McDonald’s in Whitefield with a horse – when she was refused service at the drive-through.

Diners inside the Whitefield branch were left stunned, especially when the horse fouled on the floor.

Staff were so concerned by the resulting furore they called police, who issued a £90 on-the-spot fine to horse rider Christine McGrail for “causing alarm and distress” to members of the public.

The drama unfolded just before 6pm on Saturday when Christine, aged 33, and her daughter Olivia, aged nine, got a little peckish, as did their horses, who like to eat McFlurrys.

Christine, riding stallion Dancer and Olivia, riding six-year-old pony Minnie, lined up at the drive-thru of the Fountain Place restaurant.

But staff were worried the animals could be spooked by queuing cars and so ordered them to step out of the queue.

To avoid confrontation, workers invited Mrs McGrail and her daughter to go into the restaurant to get served — and they took the invitation quite literally.

With Mrs McGrail and Dancer outside, Olivia took Minnie inside and the animal then made a mess.

One diner, who was inside the restaurant, said: “I was shocked and so was everyone else. The smell was horrible. I’ve never seen anything like it. It gives Whitefield a bad name.”

A Whitefield Police spokesman said: “The sight and smell of the mess caused obvious distress and upset to customers trying to eat, as well as staff members.  Officers issued the woman with a fixed penalty notice for causing alarm and distress to other customers and staff.”

Mrs McGrail said she admitted to behaving rashly but claimed horse riders were treated inconsistently as she had been served several times before while with a horse.

The bizarre incident sparked a fierce debate on Facebook after Whitefield Police publicised it.
Marie O’Hare wrote: “How miserable of the staff not to serve her outside and what a massive waste of police services.”

Karl Parr wrote: “It does sound amusing. The rider has been reckless in taking the animal into the restaurant. Hygiene aside, the rider had no consideration in terms of safety, including the safety of the animal.”