THE deputy headteacher of a Bury school was left red-faced on Red Nose Day when she was 'gunked' by pupils on Friday.

Mrs Juliet Huggins was forced to take on the slimy challenge at Woodbank Primary after a whopping 285 of the school's 290 children voted for her to take the hot seat.

The school raised almost £3,000 for Comic Relief and plan to repeat the challenge again in two years' time, with Mrs Huggins promising revenge on her fellow staff members.

She said: "Apparently there was a bit of money passing through the staff room to make sure it was me who had get gunked.

"I will definitely be getting them back soon.

"Comic Relief isn't for another two years now, but we'll be running plenty of other events before then and I'll have the chance to get some revenge on the other staff members."

In addition to the main event, pupils were also encouraged to wear red and have their face painted for the day, with more money raised through a cake sale.

Mrs Huggins, aged 50, added: "I certainly didn't do it willingly, but the gunking was fine really.

"It was good fun, but just a bit cold and squelchy.

"It was full of glitter too, which I still keep finding all over the carpets.

"I was the only member of staff who didn't bring a change of clothes because I was so sure it wouldn't be me.

She added: "The kids absolutely loved it - it was a great day."

There were hundreds of events across the town on Friday in aid of Comic Relief, which raised £78 million overall and passed the £1 billion mark for total donations since its inception in 1985.

At Bury College, student Callum Bridge became more streamlined after having his hair shaved off.

The 16-year-old, who is a student governor at the Market Street college, said: "I thought shaving my head would be something different as it hasn’t been done before at Bury College."

The college raised £400 in total, raised through cake sales, raffles, fancy dress and sponsored silences, as well as wearing the famous Red Nose.

James Creer, aged 17, leader of the college's fundraising committee, who dressed up as Batman, said: "It is really motivating to see everyone getting involved and really helping to make a difference."

Staff and children at Bright Starts Nursery in Lowercroft Road, Bury, literally "spilled the beans" in a food-flavoured fundraiser.

They took it in turns to pour beans over staff members Tina Henry and Andrea Lowe, and their efforts helped the nursery raise £250.

Tesco in Bury had donated 96 cans of beans for the event, and youngsters came dressed in their pyjamas for the day.