A LARGE tree was removed from the River Irwell this morning after collapsing near Keswick Drive.

The willow tree, which measured between 50 and 60 feet tall, collapsed on Monday after it became too top-heavy and had to be winched out of the river by a team from the Environment Agency.

A smaller tree which became dislodged in recent flooding was also removed from the area.

The incident was reported to the Environment Agency by local angler Eric Owen, of Keswick Drive, who has campaigned for years to clean up the river.

Mr Owen, chairman of the Little Britain Anglers group, said: "There are a lot of problems with the river around here, and falling trees like this is just one of them.

"The spread of invasive species such as hogweed and Japanese knotweed is a huge problem, and very dangerous to people and animals.

"The Environment Agency are doing what they can, and we will keep fighting to make the River Irwell cleaner and safer."