A WOMAN has been kicked out of her Bury house after neighbours got fed up with rowdy late-night parties.

Problems began for people living in Warwick Close in January, 2014, when neighbours heard loud music and shouting coming from one property.

It carried on for months and got worse when people began arriving on foot and in vehicles in the middle of the night.

Neighbours were initially too scared to tell police about the incidents, but eventually got together and filled in diary sheets of what was going on last Christmas.

They detailed instances of drug taking and late-night music and bosses of Six Town Housing, which owns the property, warned the occupant Kelly Ramshaw, aged 39, to clamp down on the anti-social behaviour.

However, problems persisted and Ms Ramshaw ignored several more warnings promoting police to use a new law to obtain a house closure order from Bury Magistrates Court in April.

That meant no one was allowed to set foot in the property until June, at which point Six Town Housing got an eviction order from Bury County Court.

A Six Town Housing spokesman said: "The type of nuisance behaviour described included drug dealing and misuse of drugs in and around the property, noise nuisance, fighting and criminal damage.

"In addition, there were reports of numerous rowdy visitors congregating at the defendant's home.

"Residents were initially too intimidated to come forward as witnesses due to the sheer number of visitors and their menacing behaviour.

"We are one of the first social housing companies in the UK to use these new legal powers in this way to protect Bury residents."

Six Town Housing’s neighbourhoods director John Merrick said: "While unfortunate that it has come to this, residents in the area felt so intimidated by the behaviour, that there was no choice but to prevent the tenant from returning to the property.

"It is important that we take action to protect the wellbeing of all residents affected by anti-social behaviour.

"This is possibly the first time a landlord has used these new powers to bring about relief to victims."