BURY Hospice is set to file its latest accounts to signal the first bit of good news for 2016.

Last month, The Bury Times reported that the hospice had made £7,000 in the 2014/15 tax year, compared with a £600,000 loss the previous year.

The charity was required to file its 2014/15 accounts by December 31, but it has yet to do so.

Hospice staff handed over the books to auditors several months ago and the onus is now on the auditors to file the accounts with Companies House.

When published, the figures will give a more detailed insight into the hospice's finances at a time when it is recruiting new trustees, having 'twinned' with Bolton Hospice.

Bury Hospice's director Margaret Lloyd previously said: "We need to attract and recruit more new trustees — free and unhindered by past events, so their full attention can be given to the future growth and development of Bury Hospice."

This week, she added: "We have heard from people who are interested in becoming trustees and hope to be able to report some good news within the next month."

As part of the 'twinning' agreement with Bolton Hospice, leaders from the Bolton side will share their governance and leadership knowledge, skills and expertise with their Bury counterparts.

At the time, a Bury Hospice spokesman said: "Mrs Lloyd and the trustees are planning to co-opt two independent and experienced trustees from Bolton Hospice to assist in the recruitment and selection process, along with guidance, support and facilitation from the Bolton Hospice chief executive officer (Dr Leigh Vallance).

“This is to ensure that these appointments are seen as independent and transparent, and also to aid the development of the new board and their transition into their governance role in tackling the challenges ahead.

“The refreshed Bury Hospice board will further develop the action plans and strategies designed to further grow its sustainable income in order to ensure that the excellent palliative and end-of-life care provided by Bury Hospice continues, and indeed grows into the future.”