HEAVY goods vehicles could be banned from Ramsbottom streets if heritage enthusiasts get their way.

Ramsbottom Heritage Society chairman, Kate Slingby voiced her concerns about the dangers of lorries at Ramsbottom, Tottington and North Manor Township Forum earlier this week.

Mrs Slingsby hopes to preserve buildings and roads in the town and wants to see lorries banned from Bridge Street and limited in Bolton Street, before they ‘destroy’ Ramsbottom.

She said: “The single most important thing we can do to preserve Ramsbottom is to ban HGVs from Bridge Street and limit HGVs on Bolton Street and other streets.

“Also prevent lorries passing through Ramsbottom if they are not accessing premises.

“The problem has now reached crisis point with roads and manholes being damaged and sinking.

“Buildings and windows have already been damaged by vibrations.

“Lorries have to sweep right across when turning into the street and are coming inches away from pedestrians using the pavements.

“Pavements are so narrow that the lorries pass within inches and pedestrians sometimes have to step into the road to pass each other or pass push chairs.”

Mrs Slingsby hopes a survey can be carried out to uncover the extent of damage caused to shop window frames from the vibrations of HGVs using Bridge Street.

She added: “Sometimes back wheels of lorries go over the pavement.

“Walking here is a frightening experience which I believe will discourage people from coming to town and using the shops.

“The increasing size of lorries is the final straw.

“There are 12 wheels on many lorries, they have a very long wheel base, so that many need steering wheels on the back of the trailer to get round the corners and this makes the back end swing out further.

“If lorries continue to grow at present rate the damage and menace will increase further.

“Bridge Street is under threat.”

The community activist believes the solution would be to put a ban on lorries in Bridge Street and restrict them in Botlon Street, except for access to the rear of properties.

Mrs Slingsby explained that there are alternative routes HGV drivers could use to access motorways through Bury or at a point further south.

She continued: “Many other towns such as Midhurst, in Sussex, banned lorries because they cause damage to buildings and nuisance and danger to residents.

“We could have a temporary weight restriction under the Road Traffic Act 1984, almost


“A temporary restriction could give time to put a permanent one to be put in place.

“Our town was a runner-up of High Street of the year Award in 2013 but now Bridge Street is under threat.

“If not they aren’t stopped now, these lorries will destroy Ramsbottom.”

Cllr Fitzwalter backed Mrs Slingsby’s idea and said: “I think we should have a joint meeting with highways and other authorities to get the ball rolling.

“We need to push this and I agree if we do not start the wheels moving it will be too late.

“We should push for it now.”