A MEETING will take place next week that could impact on the future of the debt-plagued Grace's Place children’s hospice.

There are three areas of disagreement between Bury Hospice and Grace's Place and it is hoped that – if the dispute can be resolved – steps can be taken towards Grace’s Place finally opening in Dumers Lane, Radcliffe.

The first is that Grace's Place, which was in £359,317 debt as of its last accounts in November 2014, alleges that Bury Hospice has unfairly billed it for overhead expenses.

The second is that a six-figure sum is owed to Seddon Construction for work the company did to convert the Dumers Lane site. Grace's Place claim two Bury Hospice representatives were responsible for signing off the work, so there is a question mark over who should pay it.

The third is that Bury Hospice owned the Grace's Place building, which could limit what Grace's Place can do with at the site.

Bury Hospice representatives have not accepted all the allegations put to it, but say issues need to be resolved and they hope to do so after the conclusion of an ongoing investigation into its own financial dealings since 2013.

An interim report from the investigation led to the sacking of Bury Hospice chief executive Jacqui Comber.

A week on from the revelation, officials have kept tight-lipped as to the exact reason. This is "due to legal considerations," a Bury Hospice source said.

The full report is set to be completed in the next fortnight, with potential ramifications for both Bury Hospice and Grace's Place once a review panel has considered if changes must be made.

Bury Hospice's board is due to meet on March 29 and Grace's Place director, Cllr Joan Grimshaw, has called a meeting on April 1, which will be attended by Bury Hospice and Grace's Place representatives.

Cllr Grimshaw said she believed the three issues could be resolved with "the ideal scenario" that Bury Hospice gifts Grace's Place the land.

"If that happens, we could begin to put plans in place to open Grace's Place, and we could resume fundraising efforts," she said.

Bury Hospice acting chairman Margaret Lloyd said: "The board of Bury Hospice is look forward to working with the board of Grace's Place to try and create a positive future for the children's hospice."