A CHINESE takeaway has been given the maximum score after a hygiene inspection last Friday.

Treasure City in Park Lane, Whitefield, is a family-run food outlet that opened in 2001 and employs five people.

Bury Council inspectors acting for the Food Standards Agency gave it a 'one' rating on a six-point scale, where zero is the worst and five is the best, when they previously visited the takeaway on September 19.

A spokesman for the restaurant said he was pleased with the latest rating.

He said: "Our premises are clean and tidy and we are delighted with the outcome.

"All at Treasure City would like to thank customers for their continued support."

The spokesman said that September's inspection was done on a busy Saturday night and that staff were unable to produce paperwork when it was requested.

"That was unfortunate," said the spokesman. "It's sod's law that it is not there when you need it to be."

He added that he made representations to the council over the next three weeks to no avail, and the 'one' rating stood.

"The takeaway was still clean. A food outlet should be not given a low rating of 'one' just because paperwork is not available on the day of the inspection," said the spokesman.

He added: "The ratings system could be a lot better. Livelihoods depend on a company like ours getting business and the outcome of the inspections can impact on levels of custom."

Since publicising their latest rating on Facebook, staff have received more than a dozen messages of support from customers.

Customer Caron Darlington said: "It's the best Chinese food in the North West."

In a previous article about the 'one' hygiene rating, The Guide stated Treasure City had declined to comment when, in fact, we unsuccessfully tried to reach them. We would like to apologise for any offence caused.